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Elevate your interiors with the cutting-edge 3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels, a game-changer in modern home decor. As leading 3D peel and stick wall panels suppliers in India, we bring you an innovative solution that promises not only an impeccable design aesthetic but also an effortless installation experience. These panels are a perfect blend of luxury and convenience, tailored for those who value elegant simplicity and time-saving application. Whether you're revamping your residential space or upgrading commercial premises, our wall panels offer a seamless, adhesive-backed installation that breathes life into any room. Embrace the beauty and efficiency of our 3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels and transform your space into a stylish haven with minimal effort.


Size - 15X60 cm


Size - 15X60 cm

Buff Sandstone

Size - 15x60 cm

Buff Sandstone

Size - 15X60 cm

Buff Pearl Sandstone

Size - 15X60 cm

Brazilian Quartz

Size - 15X60 cm

Ocean Black

Size - 15X60 cm

Black Slate

Size - 15X60 cm

Silver Galaxy Quartzite

Size - 15X60 cm

Silver Shine Quartzite

Size - 15x60 cm

Forest Fire Quartzite

Size - 15X60 cm

Copper Quartzite

Size - 15X60 cm

C-Gold Slate

Size - 15X60 cm

Autumn Tan Slate

Size - 15X60 cm

Carrara White Classic

Size - 15X60 cm

Multicolor Slate

Size - 15X60 cm

Golden Goose Quartz

Size - 15X60 cm

Indian Autumn Slate

Size - 15X60 cm

Zeera Green Quartz

Size - 15X60 cm

D-Green Quartz

Size - 15X60 cm

Luxury Metal Silver Gold

Size - 15X60 cm

Luxury Metal Gold

Size - 15X60 cm

Luxury Metal Silver

Size - 15X60 cm

Luxury Metal Blue

Size - 15X60 cm

Forest Green Marble

Size - 15X60 cm

Forest Brown Marble

Size - 15X60 cm

Forest Choco Marble

Size - 15X60 cm

What is 3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels?

3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels are a transformative innovation in interior wall cladding, brought to you by top-notch peel and stick wall tiles suppliers. Each panel is expertly constructed from premium materials, ensuring they're not only visually striking but also durable and easy to install. Our role as a trusted supplier of decorative wall panels is to guarantee that these self-adhesive pieces provide a hassle-free update to any area.They are the quintessence of convenience, ready to effortlessly adhere and bring a captivating three-dimensional texture to any setting. For insight into their benefits, explore our article on the advantages of decorative wall panels.

Stone Veneer

Advantages of using 3D Peel & Stick Self-Adhesive Walling

  • Effortless Installation

Simply peel, position, and press.

  • Lightweight & Portable

Easy to transport, easy to handle

  • Cost-Efficient

Reduces labor and material costs

  • Versatile Aesthetics

Matches any decor style.

  • Low Maintenance

Wipe clean, worry-free surfaces.

  • Durable Materials

Long-lasting beauty and use.

  • Eco-Friendly Choice

Sustainable production, healthier living

  • Instant Transformation

Makeover any room instantly.

Versatile Applications of 3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels

For Public Spaces -

  • Reception Areas
  • Restaurants/Cafes
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Retail Stores
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Educational Institutions
  • Event Venues

Uses of 3D Peel Stick Wall Panels

paving stone tile suppliers in India

For The Home -

  • Living Rooms
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Hallways
  • Home Offices
  • Children's Rooms
  • Basements

Why Choose Decor Luxury Stones 3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels?

High performance, practical, and functional

When it comes to enhancing your living or workspace, Decor Luxury Stones' 3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels stand out with unmatched quality and style. As a premier veneer stone supplier in India, we provide products synonymous with elegance and resilience. Our wall panels are not just decorative elements; they are crafted to be an integral part of your space, reflecting sophistication and a contemporary aesthetic. With a focus on innovative design and eco-friendly materials, our panels are perfect for anyone looking to infuse their environment with natural beauty and modern flair. Experience the art of fine living with our exquisite selections that define trends and stand the test of time, detailed further on our veneer stone suppliers page.

Discover a world where luxury meets convenience. Our 3D wall panels offer an exceptional range of textures and patterns, bringing a unique character to every space they grace. By choosing Decor Luxury Stones, you're opting for a hassle-free installation experience without compromising on the luxurious appeal of high-end stone materials. Dive deeper into the applications of wall panels here and stay updated with the latest industry insights by visiting our blog.


Single Piece


Eco Sustainable


Fire Proof


Frost Proof


Durable Over Time


Resistant To Salts


Anti Slip


Resistant To Load

Types of 3d peel and stick wall panels

1. Natural Stone Finish Peel And Stick Panels

Our Natural Stone Finish Panels from Decor Luxury Stones, a top peel and stick thin stone veneer supplier in India, bring the authentic beauty of nature into your space. Crafted with precision, these panels reflect the intricate details of natural stones, offering a realistic and luxurious feel. Perfect for both commercial and residential settings, they enhance any interior with their timeless elegance and durability.

Discover the diversity of natural stone with our granite marbles finish panels, reflecting Decor Luxury Stones' dedication to quality and style. Explore our granite and marble selections for a touch of classic elegance. For a distinct texture and resilience, our quartzite collection offers a range of options, each enhancing your space with its natural beauty.


2. Wood Texture Peel and stick wall panels

Transform your interiors with the warmth and timeless appeal of Wood Texture Panels from Decor Luxury Stones. As a distinguished supplier, we merge the rustic charm of wood with the convenience of modern design. These panels, perfect for creating cozy and inviting spaces, are a favorite among those who appreciate the beauty of natural textures in a sustainable form. Each panel is designed to replicate the intricate patterns of wood, bringing a touch of nature indoors.

Our Wood Texture Panels are not just about aesthetics; they are a testament to our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices. Ideal for both residential and commercial spaces, they provide a serene and grounded atmosphere. To explore our range of environmentally conscious wood panels, which are both stylish and responsible, visit our Wood Wall Panel page and add style to your home today . Embrace the natural charm of wood in a form that's easy to install and maintain, enhancing the appeal of any space.

3. Sandstone Effect Panels

Elevate your decor with the natural allure of our Sandstone Effect Panels. These panels, expertly crafted by Decor Luxury Stones, are a tribute to the timeless beauty of sandstone, blending traditional charm with contemporary needs. As a leading name among sandstone suppliers in India, we ensure that each panel captures the unique textures and hues of natural sandstone, bringing an element of the outdoors into your space.

Perfect for creating a serene and earthy ambiance, our Sandstone Effect Panels are suited for both modern and classic design schemes. They are not just visually appealing but also durable and easy to maintain, making them an ideal choice for a variety of settings. For an in-depth look at our exquisite sandstone offerings, visit Sandstone Collection. These panels are a simple yet impactful way to infuse your environment with a sense of calm and natural elegance.


4. 3D Geometric Panels

Stay at the vanguard of interior design with 3D Geometric Panels from Decor Luxury Stones, the go-to peel and stick thin stone veneer suppliers in India. These panels are the essence of contemporary chic, offering bold shapes and avant-garde patterns that instantly convert walls into captivating art installations. Our Stone Veneer 3D Peel & Stick Wall Cladding DIY Wall Panels are meticulously crafted to provide not just an aesthetic uplift but also a tactile experience that invigorates any space.

As a premier 3D peel and stick wall panels supplier in India, we prioritize convenience without sacrificing sophistication. Our geometric panels cater to those who aspire to showcase modernity and artistry in their living spaces. For more information on our geometric panels or to request a custom design, please contact us. With Decor Luxury Stones, reinvent your environment with boldness and innovation.


Embrace the transformative power of 3D Peel & Stick Wall Panels by Decor Luxury Stones. With our diverse range that encompasses everything from the natural elegance of stone finishes to the avant-garde chic of geometric patterns, we provide you with an effortless way to revitalize your space. Our commitment to excellence ensures that each panel is not just a decorative addition but a lasting investment in style and quality. Elevate your interiors with ease, knowing that sophistication is just a peel and stick away.

For a closer look at our stunning collections and to find the perfect match for your design aspirations, we invite you to download our catalogue. Discover the potential of your space transformed by Decor Luxury Stones.