Our Rise in Natural Stone Industry

Mastering the Natural Stone Industry

The Stone Saga: Pioneering Progress Through the Ages

In the rich tapestry of India's architectural heritage, we stand out as a premier supplier of stone laminates and a trailblazer in 3D self-adhesive wallpaper solutions. Our roots are deeply embedded in the culturally vibrant landscape of Kishangarh, where we first etched our mark in the natural stone industry. Our pioneering efforts have since evolved, embracing innovation with the creation of real thin natural flexible stone veneer, redefining versatility and luxury in surface coverings. As we unfurl the chapters of our history, each milestone reflects our commitment to excellence and our role as key suppliers in the realm of exquisite stone finishes. Join us as we chronicle our journey, a testament to our dedication and the symphonic evolution of our brand in the global market.


The Dawn of Mastery

In the heart of Kishangarh, India, our journey began. We set up our inaugural marble gangsaw unit, where the craft of shaping exquisite marble first took form, establishing our foundational ethos in the realm of natural stone excellence.


Expansion and Exploration

Our venture into the extraction of sandstone and limestone from the rich lands of Bijolia and Kota Jhalawad in Rajasthan marked our early foray into innovation, tapping into India's famed reserves of natural stone.


The Era of Sandstone Elegance

It was in Bijoliya, Rajasthan, where our expertise in crafting sandstone slabs and tiles flourished, setting a new standard for elegance that would resonate across continents.


Quest for Quartzite Diversity

Our acquisition of a slate quartzite quarry in Deoli, Rajasthan, symbolized our commitment to diversity, mastering the art of natural and polished tile creation that echoed through ages.


Slate Tile Revolution

In Markapur, India, our dedication to slate tile innovation birthed a unit focused on natural, brushed, and polished finishes, redefining aesthetic norms in surface design.


Invention of Flexibility

We broke new ground with the world's inaugural natural flexible stone veneer, a testament to our relentless pursuit of innovation, offering a versatile alternative to conventional surface finishes.


Mastery in Artisanal Finishes

Our facility in Behror Sotanala, Rajasthan, became a crucible of creativity, where cobbles, brushed slabs, and polished tiles were crafted, embodying luxury and resilience.


Horizons Broadened

The expansion in Sotanala marked a significant milestone, with a sprawling facility dedicated to pioneering flexible slate stone veneer, 3D peel & stick tiles, and self-adhesive innovations for modern decor.


Global Footprint with DECORLUXURYSTONE

DECORLUXURYSTONE launch propelled us onto the global stage, making our mark with top-tier natural flexible slate stone veneer, leading with unmatched innovation and production capabilities.


Adhesive Innovations

Our 3D self-adhesive peel & stick wall backsplash tiles set new benchmarks in walling and cladding, showcasing our leadership in transforming spaces both indoors and out.


Innovative Cladding Solutions

Venturing into new territories, we introduced inlay louver panels for wall cladding, skillfully blending form with functionality. These panels stand out for their acoustic soundproofing capabilities, effectively reducing echo for a serene atmosphere, becoming a pivotal offering in our product suite.


Revolutionizing Wall Decor

A landmark year for us, as we began crafting inlay decorative wall panels adorned with metal inlay and LED lighting. This groundbreaking product quickly became a favorite worldwide, celebrated for its distinct design and multifunctionality.


Heritage Flooring Reinvented

We paid homage to tradition by initiating the production of reclaimed vintage flooring in Sotanala. This endeavor focused on the conservation of historical sites, offering yards with genuine, meticulously restored flooring options, breathing new life into heritage spaces.

Join Our Stonework Symphony

As we continue to carve our narrative in the annals of craftsmanship, we warmly invite you to join our ongoing saga. Our portal is not just a showcase of our storied past but also a testament to the innovative solutions we craft as one of the premier stone veneer suppliers in India. Should our heritage spark a connection with you, and you find yourself on the cusp of a venture steeped in history and innovation, we are at your service. Reach out to discover how our expertise in stone veneers can transform and elevate your environment.