Sandtone mosaic

Sandstone Mosaic Suppliers in India

Sinyel Rosa Mosaic

Sinyel Rosa Mosaic (Running Brick)

Autumn Brown Mosaic

Autumn Brown Mosaic (Roman Pattern)

Black and White Mosaic

Black and White Mosaic (Square Pattern)

Rainbow Mosaic

Rainbow Mosaic (Running Brick)

Modak Honed Mosaic

Modak Honed Mosaic (Square Pattern)

Teak Sandblasted Mosaic (Square Pattern)

Teak Sandblasted Mosaic (Square Pattern)


Golden Sand Mosaic (Roman Pattern)


Golden Sand Mosaic (Square Pattern)


Teak Sandstone Mosaic (Square Pattern)


Mint Fossil Mosaic (Square Pattern)


Modak Sandstone Mosaic (Free Running Strips)


Mint Honed Mosaic (Roman Pattern)

Sandtone Mosaic Suppliers in India

Decor Luxury Stones is a the biggest name in Sandtone mosaic suppliers in India supply all kind of Sandstone Slabs, Sandstone Tiles, Sandstone Floor Tiles, Sandstone Wall Tiles, Sandstone Cobbles Setts, Sandstone Pavers (Riven Pavers), Sandstone Circle Kits, Sandstone Patio Kits, Sandstone Paving Slabs, Sandstone Walling Bricks, Sandstone Garden Artifacts. Sandstone Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials. It may be a technique of decorative art, an aspect of interior decoration, or of cultural and spiritual significance as in a cathedral. Mosaic such as sand stone mosaic, slate mosaic, natural stone mosaic and stone mosaic tiles are available at their best. Small pieces of stone or glass of different colors are used to create a pattern or picture. We are the leading supplier of sand stone mosaic, slate mosaic, natural stone mosaic and stone mosaic tiles.

We are the largest Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers of Top Quality NATURAL STONE from India. Providing Sandstone, Sand Stone, Natural Sandstone, Sandstone Pavers, Sandstone Pool Paving, Sandstone Pool Coping, Sandstone Walling, Sandstone Flooring, Sandstone Tiles, Sandstone Pavings, Sandstone Garden Ornaments as buildings and construction stones to globaly.

We supply various Sandstone Colors, finish and styles for use in Sandstone Paving and Sandstone Patio. Our very famous colors are ISandstone Raj Green and Sandstone Fossil Mint. We also supply andstone Circle Kitts and Sandstone Cobble Setts and Sandstone Blocks etc to end users and to local Sandstone Exporters.

Our products are unmatched in quality by any other supplier, our clients have always appreciated our quality and service once they have ordered. So whatever your needs may be, please feel free to browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Why Decor Luxury Stones for Sandstone mosaic?

The out of the box fact about Rajasthan Stones……we believe in a long-term relationship with our customers and we are always available to help in the selection of the right material at the most competitive prices. We give complete peace of mind by taking care of aspects like quality control, timely deliveries, fast and friendly communications, assistance while shipments and immediate responses. By providing best quality Indian sandstones, today we are well known as the most trusted amongst the biggest sandstone mosaic suppliers from India.


Blue Limestone Honed Antique Mosaic


Yellow Brown Lime Honed Antique Mosaic


Yellow Brown Limestone Mosaic


Black Limestone Honed Antique Mosaic


Lime Pink Natural Mosaic (Roman Pattern)


Lime Green Natural Mosaic (Roman Pattern)


Lime Pink Natural Mosaic (Roman Pattern)

Limestone Manufacturers in India

We are well-known Limestone Manufacturers in India who offer and supply Limestones which is a sedimentary rock, made up mostly of the mineral calcite, a form of calcium carbonate, CaCO3. The calcium carbonate is originally produced by living animals (such as shellfish). Later, much of it goes into solution in sea water, and then is deposited as limestone. Calcium carbonate gets precipitated when the physical condition of the water changes. For example, if the concentration of CaCO3 is high, then a temperature drop, or a pH (acidity) change, can cause precipitation.

It is generally used as limestone tiles, limestone slabs in flooring, wall cladding, vanity tops and to pave the floors of large commercial complexes, hospitals, airports, shopping malls, railway stations, parks etc. It is used to make glass and cement. It can be used like chalk, as it is mostly calcium, so you can actually draw with the stone. It is also used to make iron in a blast furnace, to remove impurities from the iron ore.

Lime stones Availability

Limestones are available in different colors and sizes for example Black Limestone is available in hand cut paving, and in Sawn edges tiles. Also available in circle paving, walling stone, setts (cobbles) , palisades , curb stone, Massive steps, stepping stones, pool coping ,crazy paving, Mosaics , borders, & in skirting. Black Lime stone is available in many surfaces like, Natural, Honed, Polished, Shot Blasted, Brushed, Lather Finish, & Vibrated finish (Tumbled). Also it is available in a combination of surfaces like honed and then sandblasted. Sizes, thickness, Edges and surface can be customized.

Natural Stone Mosaic tiles are the art of creating patterns with an assemblage of small pieces of colored sandstone, limestone, slate, quartzite, & marble. We have a wide range of mosaics for both classics and modern style available in many colors, thickness, sizes and patterns and also can be customized. Uses of mosaic tiles are very wide and it can be used everywhere like in leaving room or in kitchen also in bath room or in hotel lobby as floor tiles or as wall panel.

We also supply Indian natural lime stones at wholesale price to all limestone exporters. We can export limestones on a large scale from India. Our company assures you the wholesale limestone prices for premium quality Lime stones. For your kind information we are having strategically aligned production plants across India. In South India for lime black limestone, lime green limestone, lime pink limestone, peacock limestone, tandur yellow limestone and tandur blue limestone. In North India for jaisalmer yellow limestone, flowery gold limestone, ita gold limestone, kota stone i.e. kotah brown limestone, kotah blue limestone, kotah honey limestone. Indian Limestones are summarised into two major categories, depending upon their place of origin.

Quartzite Tiles & Slab


Green Wash Black Quartzite Mosaic (Stack Free Bricks)


Green Wash Black Quartzite Mosaic (Single Sheet Pattern)


Green Wash Black Quartzite Mosaic (Square Pattern)


D Green Quartzite Mosaic (Running Brick)


D Green Quartzite Mosaic (Square Pattern)


Pink Quartzite Mosaic (Roman Pattern)


Silver Grey Quartzite Mosaic (Square Pattern)


Silver Grey Quartzite Mosaic (Running Brick)


Silver Shine Quartzite Mosaic (Stone Henge)


Golden Quartzite Mosaic (Square Pattern)


Golden Quartzite Mosaic (Standing Brick)


Green Quartzite Mosaic (Roman Pattern)


White Quartzite Mosaic (Basket Weave)


Copper Natural Mosaic (Roman pattern)

Copper Polished Mosaic

Copper Polished Mosaic

Copper Natural Mosaic (Running Brick)

Copper Natural Mosaic (Running Brick)

Ocean Polished Mosaic

Ocean Polished Mosaic

Silver Grey Polished Mosaic

Silver Grey Polished Mosaic

Quartzite Suppliers in India

We are amongst in the list of renowned Quartzite Suppliers in India. The Quartzite Stone Tiles & Slabs offered by Decor luxury Stones are highly demanding across the world due to our unmatched quality and superb polish.

Due to high durability, non-slippery, fireproof properties, its formation, temperature resistance, hardness and easy maintenance has made the Quartzite mosaic Stone as an ultimate stone for various construction projects all over the world. Our Quartzite mosaic Stone is best suited for making cobbles & kerbs stones, tiles, slabs, kitchen tops, counter tops, wall cladding, flooring, roofing, pool coping, pavings/riven pavers, landscaping, garden articles, full bull nose & half bull nose steps and risers, window sills, pebbles, walling stone, solid steps. We are also an exporter of Indian quartzite gang saw slabs with a finish like granite slabs in grey, brown, pink shades. We have carved a niche as one of the reliable, integrated, trustworthy Manufacturers of Natural Quartzite mosaic Stones based in India.

Slate Mosaic


Cocktail Mosaic


Jack Multi Color Slate Mosaic


Silver Grey Polished


Black Jack Slate Mosaic


M Green Natural Mosaic


Copper Polished Mosaic


Black Jack Honed Mosaic


Ocean Green Natural Mosaic


N Green Mosaic

Slate Tiles Suppliers in India

We are the biggest name in Slate Tiles Suppliers in India and exporters of Slate Tiles like Marble Mosaic Tiles, Natural Stone Mosaic Tile, Copper Tone Stone Tiles, Grey Slate Tiles and Limestone Tile from India. Décor Luxury Stones has one of the largest selections of Natural Slate Roofing Tiles, Natural Roofing Slates and Flooring Slate stones. We offer the largest collection of Indian Slate Tiles available at our stone factory. We are one of India’s leading slate tile companies, stone factories in the field of production and export of high quality Natural Slate Tiles in the form of Natural, Calibrated, Honed, Brushed, Antiqued, Tumbled and Mirror Polished. We have supplied our Slate Stone Tiles to thousands of homeowners, contractors and property builders throughout the world.

What is Slate Stone?

India slate stone is a naturally occurring fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous, metamorphic rock. Slate is a shale type sedimentary rock comprising clay or volcanic ash. Foliation is observed in Slate. When the rock is cut and made smooth, it could be a perfect constructional component. It can serve as the best kitchen or any other vanity countertop. Slate occurs in variety of shades- from light to very dark sheets of grey.

Slate is an excellent roofing material. As a result, 90% of European roofs are made of the rock. This rock can be split into two parts without making the rock lose its original nature. This makes rock a very good roofing material and also ideally stackable. In the factories of Indian natural slate, all types of slate products are manufactured maintaining the industry quality standards.