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About Decor Luxury Stones, A leading Natural Paving Stone Suppliers

Decor luxury stones is the prime name in Natural Paving Stone Suppliers in India and the largest producer of Natural Stone Range.

Decor luxury stones is well known and valued Brand all over the world. We are the distributors of natural stones range to more than 40 countries across the globe.

Our Natural Paving Stone range is available in different styles, vivacious colors and innumerable variations which is the reason our range has gained popularity and we are able to serve high profile clients across the globe.

We have strict policy for maintaining high quality of production, top level of customer satisfaction and swift delivery system. The products are manufactured in India with German Collaboration.

We have top level Research & Development Department, who is continuously working on developing new stone products and best stone solutions.

Our objective is to be a leader in the Stone industry by providing good quality stone products, excellent services and quick response to the customer.

We are a very Customer friendly company.

Give us a chance to serve you.

Why people trust in our company?

Respected & Dear Sir,

Kindly have trust in our company.

We are a 40 years old company and have a fantastic reputation in the market.

We export every year more than 6000 containers worldwide.

You will not find a better supplier in India than our company.

Its only the first container which is important. Please kindly take this first container and you will see yourself that you are dealing with the best supplier possible to get from India.

We are an extremely friendly company and we take care of our clients very well.

Our quality standards are very high and also our prices are very competitive.

You need a good partner in India and we will be the ideal company for your requirements.

We look forward to your favourable reply.

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Decor Luxury stones has been in the natural stone business in India Since 1991, building a company based on HARD WORK, WILL POWER and enthusiasm dedicated day after day by the PROMOTERS.

Mr. Parag Mehta, his Family and team of highly skilled specialized employees.

Decor luxury stones is a recognized brand with numerous stone product range that epitomize, sophistication and elegance in stone Industry. Technology, tradition & creativity comes together to bring for you this an exclusive range of Aged Antique Finish Stones.

All over the world architects designers & developers always require stone to look like old centuries. Stones that can be used in renovation & restoration projects, It requires very high level of skills & knowledge to develop them, of course not without the help of latest technology that’s available with us.

Emerging on Global Horizon

Decor luxury Stones is part of Mehta Group has come a long way since 1991. Today Mehta Group Company is the biggest exporter of Antique Finish Stones. The only brand name in Antique Finish Stones from India.

Total Quality Management

Quality is a way of life at Mehta Group. We consider it a continuous process, not a destination. As part of a continuous process, we have put the principle of total Quality management to work for us.

Beginning of New Era

People, technology, quality, raw materials and clear thinking have shaped Mehta Group into a customer-friendly organization, fully geared to meet the techno-economic requirements of futuristic products. The company believes in creating long term relationship with customers through close interaction based on uncompromising product quality and economy.

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"In the business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later. "

Parag Mehta Owner Mehta Group