Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden Wall Panel Supplier in India

Wooden Wall Panels

Wooden Wall Panel Supplier in India

T he story of Decor Luxury Stone Wooden Wall coverings is made into India and we are one of the leading wooden wall panel suppliers in India. We use eucalyptus wood as raw material for making our wooden wall panels.

First, all materials are properly dried and treated. Next, the wooden blocks are carefully sorted according to their specific characteristics and colour. After that they are put together again and glued. Then the panels are lightly sanded and finished and given color according to the design. Currently, we are supplying our old wood walling panels, recycled wood wall panels in different countries like China, Vietnamas well as Indonesia.

Finally, after a strict inspection for quality, the ready panels are packed and prepared for shipping. Designer Luxury walling Collection from international manufacturers ✓ detailled info ✓ high-resolution images ✓ catalogues ✓ find your nearest dealer.

Production Control

Our entire production process is very ethical & eco-friendly. We make sure to provide the best working conditions for our workers which are as good as possible. It is due to these strict policies and procedures so that we can provide high quality, eco-friendly, and socially responsible product. Discover different designs, colors, and characteristics in our brochure or our reference guide.

A unique look of our handmade wooden wall panels. Decor Luxury Stone Offers the best quality and decorative wooden wall panels, which make each interior very special look. Our wooden wall panel is made with eucalyptus woods and each panel has its own story. Whatever place you want to be decorative can be adapted according to your choice with either a strategically placed panel or teak wood strip and a full wall, Decor Luxury Stone Wooden Wall panel are available in different styles with color combinations which can be fitted into any interior very easily.

Decor Luxury Stone Wooden Wall panels are suitable for living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms and hotels, restaurants and shops or offices as well.  Our wooden wall panel is maintenance-free and long-life durable. For surety purpose, you can check our catalogs and explore the different styles. Improve the Acoustics of your room with our Decor Luxury Stone Wooden Wall Panels. Sound can often feel unsuitable hollow and harsh in an area with a lot of hard materials. This problem can be solved by the placement of one or more wooden wall panels. It not only positively affects the whole atmosphere but will make the sound much more pleasant.


Variety of Design

We have a very wide variety of Wood panels designs which are suited to both  modern  and  ethnic surroundings.



Our wood panels can be installed horizontally or vertically and are very easy to install.

Wooden Wall Panels Supplier in India

We are a leading 3D Wooden Wall Panels Supplier in India and top-notch exporters of 3D Wooden Wall Panels. Our range of wooden wall panels adds a unique beauty to a home that's why decorators, designers, and architects have been used this medium for many years to enhance their projects. It is versatile and displays timeless appeal.

Our contemporary decorative wooden wall panels with a sprinkle of creativity will radically transform the living space. Our panels reflect an eclectic taste and style. Our 3D wooden wall panels add elegance and style with guaranteed durability. These are also available in a variety of colors, textures, styles, and designs.

We take responsibility for manufacturing wooden wall panels which not increases the interior ambiance of hotels, offices and corporate houses but also adds lots of value to residential places. A collective and creative effort of designers, architects, and interior decorators has made it possible for us to craft impeccable decorative wooden wall panels. Our product demands one-time investment, which in return guarantees a perfect surrounding of wall panels of different textures, colors, and forms. Apart from this, these wall panels not only display timeless appeal but also make sure to present an aesthetic feeling all round. These products are non-sticky, easy to wash and resistant to heat, chemicals, and dampness. So, our goal is not limited to create a magnificent atmosphere around you, rather a clean and complete living paradise always stays in the back of our mind while designing the aforesaid wall panels.

Wood Mosaic Tiles


3D Wood Mosaic Suppliers in India

Decor Luxury Stones is one of the best 3D wood mosaic suppliers in India a leading company for the design and marketing of 3D wood mosaic, stone products, mosaics, pavers, exterior flooring, and polished sandstone. We offer a complete range of designs and the option of customization for exterior and interior applications for homes, hotels, restaurants, and real estate projects. Areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, flooring, cladding, driveways, swimming pools, water bodies, outdoors, pool decks, landscaping and much more.

Why use wood mosaic tiles?

Nothing looks more appealing in a home than the wood floorings as these enhance the look and aesthetic appeal of the home in an unmatched manner. wood mosaic tiles give your home an authentic look, and since the furniture is also wooden the interiors look amazingly incredible. But, most of the times we face several issues with wooden floorings like wear & tear, small life, non-durability and above all bacteria grow easily on wood. On the contrary, wood strips which are a form of tiles with wood finishing on the top, eliminate all the above-mentioned issues. We have an exhaustive range of wood strips in a variety of designs, shades, and colors. Showcasing astounding designs, our wood strips are the perfect addition to your home’s interiors.

Working as a global wood mosaic tiles and 3D wood mosaic manufacturers, we employ the best professionals and use the highly stringent quality measurements for delivering exemplary engineered products. Our wood mosaic tiles are made from the finest quality raw materials and offer unparalleled quality in terms of durability and strength. Just like our products, our commitment to our customers and their requisites is also robust. Thus, we always ensure that the products which we offer match the quality standards that we commit and boast about.