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How to Use Sandstone to Add the Aesthetic Appeal of your Project

Design Inspiration: Unique Ways to Use Sandstone to Add to the Aesthetic Appeal of your Project

Are you planning a home renovation? Looking to jazz up your interiors? Looking for a nice alternative to paint that doesn’t cost a fortune?

You are building the home of your dreams. You want every nook and corner to reflect your style and tastes. Only when you go shopping for construction materials, you find that all your dreams come crashing down due to one major constraint – the budget.

This is where - our material today comes into the picture — presenting to you – the versatile sandstone. A natural stone, but not as expensive as its cousins the marble and granite, sandstone gives you all the benefits of natural stone but for a more budget-friendly price.

Sandstone is perfect for both interior and exterior use. It can be used for residential as well as commercial projects. It’s highly versatile and has some coveted properties like – non-porous, heat-resistance, easy maintenance – making it a great choice for all construction projects. Be it the front porch of your home or your kitchen floors; sandstone makes an excellent choice.

As the leading laminate and cobble stone suppliers in India, we have supplied the best sandstone for a wide variety of applications all across the country.

If you’re wondering why you should choose sandstone when there are several other options available on the market – here are some top reasons to convince you.

#1: It is extremely versatile

Very often, our customers wrongly assume that sandstone is only used as paving bricks. On the contrary, sandstone is available in numerous sizes like – tiles, mini slabs, full-length slabs, and mosaic pieces. You can use it for all interior and exterior applications.

#2: Easy to Install

It’s another huge benefit of sandstone. It’s extremely easy to cut, making the entire installation process less time-consuming.

#3: Easy to Maintain

Unlike other natural materials like marble, sandstone is non-porous, so fewer stains. Sandstone is neutral. It doesn’t react with acidic detergents or cleaners, meaning it doesn’t stain or spot easily, when you use a harsh cleaner by mistake.

With that said, sandstone requires only a regular cleaner to keep it looking good as new for years to come. With minimal maintenance, you can retain the look and feel of your sandstone for years down the line.

#4: It’s available in a wide range of Colours and Textures

The range of colour and textures is huge in sandstone is huge. You can even customize the sandstone according to your choice. Indian sandstone has a huge demand in the global market for its quality and numerous colours and textures.

#5: It’s Pocket-friendly

As mentioned above, sandstone is cheaper when compared to other natural stone materials like granite or marble. With that said, though it’s budget-friendly, it doesn’t compromise on the overall look.

Some Unique Ways to Use Sandstone in your home


Front porch pillars or gateway

Sandstone instantly gives an elegant look to the home. It can be used to line the halls of the front gateway or pillars, which are architecturally pleasing. With a variety of colours and texture, you can use sandstone to add a creative touch to the exterior of your home.

Retaining walls

You would require retaining walls to prevent soil erosion, and often sandstone is a great option for creating them. Retaining walls are a must in modern homes to save the environment and to ensure the home lasts without major repairs and rain-caused damages.


A stone fireplace

The fireplace is not just for warming your hands, but they are also a piece of decoration at home. Lighting up of fireplace not only in winter is used, but they are a piece of art in your home. To boost the creative side of the fireplace, sandstone is a great option. The shades of brown, grey, brick red are some of the great options. You can check our collection to find a bunch of collections of various shades and styles.

Apart from the other uses of sandstone in indoors and outdoors are the following:

  • Outdoor walkways
  • Kitchen countertops
  • Bathroom backsplashes
  • Water fountains
  • Garden accessories

Types of Sandstone you can choose


These are some of the popular options; there are plenty of other applications to try out. It's all about your creativity. As the leading cobble stone suppliers in India, we can help you pick the best sandstone for your home at the most competitive prices. Get in touch with our team to know more.