Slate Mosaic


cocktail mosaic

Cocktail Mosaic

jack multi color slate mosaic

Jack Multi Color Slate Mosaic

silver grey polished

Silver Grey Polished

black jack slate mosaic

Black Jack Slate Mosaic

m green natural mosaic

M Green Natural Mosaic

copper polished mosaic

Copper Polished Mosaic

black jack honed mosaic

Black Jack Honed Mosaic

ocean green natural mosaic

Ocean Green Natural Mosaic

n green mosaic

N Green Mosaic

Slate Tiles Suppliers in India

We are the biggest name in Slate Tiles Suppliers in India and exporters of Slate Tiles like Marble Mosaic Tiles, Natural Stone Mosaic Tile, Copper Tone Stone Tiles, Grey Slate Tiles and Limestone Tile from India. Décor Luxury Stones has one of the largest selections of Natural Slate Roofing Tiles, Natural Roofing Slates and Flooring Slate stones. We offer the largest collection of Indian Slate Tiles available at our stone factory. We are one of India’s leading slate tile companies, stone factories in the field of production and export of high quality Natural Slate Tiles in the form of Natural, Calibrated, Honed, Brushed, Antiqued, Tumbled and Mirror Polished. We have supplied our Slate Stone Tiles to thousands of homeowners, contractors and property builders throughout the world.

What is Slate Stone?

India slate stone is a naturally occurring fine-grained, foliated, homogeneous, metamorphic rock. Slate is a shale type sedimentary rock comprising clay or volcanic ash. Foliation is observed in Slate. When the rock is cut and made smooth, it could be a perfect constructional component. It can serve as the best kitchen or any other vanity countertop. Slate occurs in variety of shades- from light to very dark sheets of grey.

Slate is an excellent roofing material. As a result, 90% of European roofs are made of the rock. This rock can be split into two parts without making the rock lose its original nature. This makes rock a very good roofing material and also ideally stackable. In the factories of Indian natural slate, all types of slate products are manufactured maintaining the industry quality standards.