COOLEST COLLECTION OF Indian sandstone paving slabs

Wet stone-tiled pavement near a brick wall

Buff Sandstone Outdoor Paving


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Sandstone Circle Paving

Sandstone Paving

Sandstone Paving Suppliers in India

We are leading manufacturer, Wholesale Supplier and exporter of Paving Stones such as Kandla Grey Paving Stone, Autumn Brown Paving Stone, Buff Brown Paving Stone, Chocolate Paving Stone, Raveena Paving Stone, Rajgreen Paving Stone, Rippon Paving stone and many more items from India.

All DÉCOR LUXURY STONES products are crafted to the highest quality with elegance and durability in mind. We offer an unbeatable selection of traditional and contemporary themes, from attractive natural stone paving products to matching planters, pots and seating, as well as expert advice on designing your complete garden.

WE can provide all the practical advice and support you need to enjoy the very best results from your garden or driveway project. For any professional DIY industry or seeking a reputable installer or landscaping professional.

Sandstone Paving Suppliers in India

Reason you Choose Indian Sandstone & Indian Stone PATIO Paving

Sandstone Paving Suppliers in India

APART FROM BEING elegant, our Indian sandstone is ethically sourced. We guarantee that no child labour has been involved in its production. Stunning looks with durability and versatility, Indian sandstone will enhance any outdoor space or indoor space.

This stone is part of PAVING STONE range.

SANDSTONE help you create the look you want, we supply sandstone paving in RANGE of beautiful colour blends and a variety of sizes, with different thicknesses of stone available depending on your needs. Whether you’d prefer a uniform look to your patio or want to try mixing and matching, Indian stone paving can be used to great visual effect. If you’re looking to incorporate an attractive design feature that’s guaranteed to catch the eye, Indian Sandstone Paving Circle provides a striking focal point. It’s available in attractive Grey, Multi, Sunflower, Rainbow effect colors, Mint, Buffs, Green.

For a timeless feel for your driveways, patios, our range of paving in SANDSTONE, LIMESTONE, QUARTZITE is ideal. The paving has a wide range of finishes and surfaces like Natural riven, Worn Aged, Tumbled, Smooth Honed, Flamed Textured, Sandblasted, Waterblasted. Available in wide range of colors and sizes. Special products include paving in Circle, Stepping Stones, Walling, Copings, Water feature. We follow very stringent rules of ethical trading and our productions follow strictly NO child labour policy.



Pavers or paving stone is generally 30mm in thickness or more. The extra thickness provides strength for heavier traffic that you might find in commercial applications or on driveways. Pavers are best suited to softer substrates such as compacted road base. Tiles 12-15mm may be used for outdoor paving but only on concrete substrates and only if the stone has the required flexural strength for the designated traffic load.

Stone pavers paving options made from sandstone, bluestone, granite and quartzite are 30mm in thickness and available in a range of sizes. A range of formats and patterns are available to suit different traffic loads and substrate materials. Pavers are available in squares, rectangles as well as french and random pattern formats. Matching step
treads, bullnoses, ledge tiles and capping pieces are also available.

If we don't have a product that suits a project specification, we will happily order it on custom basis which takes about 12 weeks to get here. Flagstone paving options are also available and include sandstone, quartzite and slate. The thickness of these products are quite variable frequently 20-40mm.