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Kitchen trends of 2018

The Biggest Kitchen Trends of 2018 – Give your Kitchen the Ultimate Makeover this Year

Whether you’re looking to remodel and renovate your as to spruce up the space, or just looking for ideas to spruce up the space, here’s all that you need to know about the latest kitchen trends of this year. We’ve compiled a list from some of the top interior designers in the field to give you details on – what’s in and what’s out.

Get your notepads ready and dig in.

1. Beyond Granite – for Kitchen Countertops

For years (or rather decades), granite was the default choice for kitchen countertops. This year, plenty of interior designers are branching out beyond granite. Marble, quartz, and slate have also entered the game.

Initially, homeowners were reluctant to use marble as the countertop material due to the high costs. But, not any more. Today, homeowners are opting for marble as they consider it as a well-worth long-term investment.

On the other hand, more homeowners are also opting for quartz. It looks just like marble but is available at a fraction of the price. What more, the high durability (it withstands wear and tear) makes it one of the most opted kitchen countertops today.

2. White Out

For years, the all-white kitchen was the preferred choice by both minimalists and modernists. But, of late, white kitchens are taking a backseat. From white, people are moving to the other end of the spectrum – black, greys, browns and blues.

The reason for this is not too difficult to guess – white kitchens are dirt magnets and take plenty of time to maintain and clean. On the other hand, dark kitchens are more forgiving, and the stains don’t stare at you in the eye.

Additionally, millennials feel that white kitchens are too boring and plain. Hence, they opt for bright colours like reds, yellows and greens for the kitchen.

A popular trend is to use a neutral tone – beige, ivory or white as the base colour and complement it with bright contrasting colours to create a unique space.

3. The Matte Effect

Just a few years back, having sleek polished finishes was the hot trend. Not anymore. This year, it’s all about the matte finish. From hardware to kitchen appliances, the matte effect is popular for everything in the kitchen.

There are even matte stainless steel appliances in the market today, keeping with this trend. Kitchen islands, refrigerators, sinks, faucets, cabinets – everything has gone matte.

Matte indeed adds a contemporary touch to the space.

4. Improved Access and Higher Functionalities

Kitchens have always been about balancing the aesthetics with the functionality. What good is a magazine-worthy kitchen, if it doesn’t simplify your cooking? Today, most homeowners are looking for clean, simple kitchens that reduce clutter and cooking time.

An easy way to reduce clutter is by adding organisational cabinets. A quick glance through Pinterest would give you tons of trends for kitchen organisation. Adding magnetic boards where you can hang spice boxes, pans and spoons is one popular trend.

Storage bins under the kitchen sink, floating shelves on the kitchen walls are other ideas that are quite popular. People are willing to sacrifice a bit of counter space, if that means they end up with a clutter-free kitchen.

5. Tile It

Custom backsplashes are all the rage right now. It’s an easy way to add your personality to the kitchen with minimal costs. Just by adding a dash of colour or print in the backsplash, you can instantly turn a boring, bland kitchen into a space that feels modern as well as personalised.

6. Pretty Pastels

The pastel trend has been going strong for some time now, and even this year pastels are big in demand. Pastels are a great way to add a little fun element to your kitchen. They are perfect for those who are looking to add a dash of colour and personality to their kitchen, but don’t want to go all out with bold colours.

Pink, yellow, green and blue pastels when used for highlighting along with neutral palettes like grey, wood and ivory add a Wow factor to your kitchen.

7. Metallic and Gold Shades

Gold has been quite in trend for a while now and looks to get bigger this year. By combining gold and other metallic tones like bronze and silver with organic textures, you create a space that feels warm and inviting.

It gives a chic, yet understated look to the kitchen.

8. Kitchen Islands are Back

While the final layout of a kitchen, depends on the space available, more and more people are opting for larger kitchens with kitchen islands. By adding banquet seating to the island, you create an informal dining space right in the kitchen itself.

With families getting smaller and time spent at the dining table reducing, kitchen islands are the perfect way to get the family together. What more, by adding a sink and faucet to the island, the entire family can lend a helping hand in food prep, while being seated at the island.

9. Recessed and Indirect Lighting

While the traditional style of lighting remains popular, more and more homeowners are adding recessed or cove lighting in the kitchen for a dramatic effect. Illuminating crockery cupboards, kitchen shelves and other nooks and crannies of the kitchen are popular, right now. By adding LED strips on the eye-level shelves and cabinets, you instantly uplift the mood of the entire room.

10. The Dawn of Smart Kitchens

As homes get smarter, it’s only right that kitchens also get smart. In fact, several homeowners are considering a kitchen renovation just for the sake of making it smart. Wifi-integrated appliances (oven, refrigerators and more) make it easy for home owners to control their appliances with the top of their mobiles, even while they aren’t at home.

Integrated music, mood lighting, wire-free phone charging surfaces, nooks for iPads are other smart kitchen features that are quite popular. Google Home, Amazon Echo and Alexa have now become an essential part of the smart kitchen.

The Last Word

Are you planning a kitchen renovation this year? Make sure to check out these trends and pick the ones that suit your specific requirements. A word of caution though – instead, of just blindly adopting a particular trend, make sure to check whether it’s relevant to your needs and whether it’s timeless. After all, you don’t want to choose a trend to find that it’s gone out of style, just a couple years down the line.

And, one timeless trend for kitchens is to use natural stone tiles. Get in touch with our team to pick the right style of natural stones perfect for your kitchen.