The Top 8 Bathroom Trends of 2018


Bathroom Trends of 2018

The Top 8 Bathroom Trends of 2018 – Which One Do You Want in your Dream Bathroom?

Planning a new bathroom this year? Or renovating an existing bathroom? Check out these top bathroom trends of 2018, to create a space that’s modern, contemporary and will win envious looks from your guests.

Bathrooms are no longer the utilitarian spaces of yesteryears. They have morphed into luxurious sanctuaries where a person can escape from the pressures of modern life. This is the underlying bathroom trend of this year.

We’re seeing plenty of bathrooms designed with soothing and calming materials like natural stone, timber, with ample natural light and statement accessories. And, not to be left out, our bathrooms too are getting a smart makeover, just like the rest of the house.

Here, in this week’s post, we highlight some of the bathroom trends of 2018, that we cannot contain our excitement. As you know Decor Luxury stones is one of the best natural stone manufacturers in India.

Spa-style Bathrooms with Natural Stone

This is one of the biggest trends this year. The small, closet-sized bathrooms of yesteryears are a thing of the past. Today, bathrooms are not only functional spaces but have morphed into an oasis of relaxation and rejuvenation.

This has led to the increase in popularity of spa-styled bathrooms. Spa styled bathrooms are personal retreats with a touch of indulgence and luxury. The best way to create a spa-styled bathroom is to make ample use of natural stone.

Natural stone gives an earthy rustic vibe perfect for this trend. What more, since natural stones are long-lasting they don’t wear out quickly, compared to other synthetic materials. This means, your bathroom will remain new looking forever.

Here are a few other tips to nail this trend – Mount the bathtub on a small platform to define the bathing area and to elevate the space. Remember that convenience is luxury. By adding a few extra features like a rain-showerhead, heated towel racks, underfloor heating, you can transform your bathroom experience from banal to beautiful.

Don’t forget to include a few spots for your scented candles to create a truly luxurious experience.

Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Long gone are the small tiny bathroom mirror cabinets. Today, the bathroom mirror has transformed to become a work of art and the centrepiece of the space. Ornate mirrors with elaborate frames are quite in demand. Timber framed mirrors fixed above vanity shelves are also quite in trend. Additionally, mirrors are made further attractive with the help of LED backlighting and sconce lights.

Statement Basins

More and more interior designers are going all out with large vessel style basins. When it comes to basin styles – the options are plenty. You can choose from jewel-toned glass, metallic basins, rustic bowls crafted from natural stone, floral printed ceramics and more.

If you’re renovating your bathroom on a budget, then statement basins are an easy way to uplift the look of your bathroom effortlessly. Add a stone countertop to complement your statement basin to add elegance and sophistication to your bathroom. For further impact, add a dramatic tap to complement your basin design.

Flaunt your Bath Accessories

Hiding everything in cupboards and cabinets is so 2017. This year, it’s all about showcasing your bath accessories – and your personality – by adding pretty shelves below the mirror or near the vanity.

This trend lets you add your personal touches to the bathroom. Pretty planters, baskets with your bath goodies, ornamental bottles – it’s all up to you. The key to making this trend work – avoid clutter, keep things tidy and don’t over fill your open storage shelves.

Open shelves add a sense of space and lightness to your bathroom.

Smart Bathrooms

Intelligent bathrooms are slowly taking over. The bathrooms of tomorrow will not just be a pretty space but will also come with tons of functionalities. Consider a few examples – sensor activated toiles with self-clean mechanisms, floor and toilet seat warmers, night lights, high-tech showerheads with customisable settings will become the norm.

Other such features include touchscreen mirrors with speakers, Bluetooth speakers in the bath, electronic mirrors that display the time, magnify and automatically demist.

Go Minimal

The Scandinavian style of minimal design is hugely popular right now. People are falling in love with this trend because it’s simple, clean and creates a huge impact. The best – it can be achieved with a minimal budget.

The Nordic style of design highlights specific features like – modular cabinets, blond timbers, natural light and more. If you find this trend too simple and plain for your tastes, you can add a twist to it, by going in for a patterned floor or wall.

Bling is In

Metallics have made a big comeback in 2018. The top colours this year are chrome, brass and rose gold. Though chrome is still the preferred finish for accessories and tapware, other metal colours are also hugely used. Brushed nickel, chocolate, gold, gunmetal grey, and rose gold are the other popular choices.

The easiest way to change the style of your bathroom is by altering the tapware. For instance, by using gunmetal or brushed chrome, you make your bathroom look contemporary and modern. On the other hand, brass, rose gold go well with traditional bathrooms.

Add a Pop of Colour

2018 is all about living life to the max. While neutral shades like beige, white and grey never go out of style, people are experimenting with different colours in the bathroom. Bold colours are being used everywhere in the bathroom. Tiles, floors, walls, and even grouts and vanities are made colourful. Blush pink and indigo blue are two of the most popular colours this year. Black is also in trend.

However, remember that bathroom renovations usually last for ten or more years, depending on usage. So, this is why designers insist that you choose a neutral and timeless design colour. However, that doesn’t mean you have to stick with a boring, neutral bathroom.

Keep the overall theme neutral and add colour to your accessories, so that you can switch it out, if it goes out of trend.

Which is your Favourite Bathroom Trend of 2018? Let us know. Here We at Decor Luxury Stones, a leading marble mosaic stone suppliers in india. We are offering you most trending marble mosaic stones for your bathroom.