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Unique Granites For Floors


Granite flooring is being chosen by an increasing number of homeowners who appreciate its benefits and know that it will last a long time. Granites have the ability to convert your home into a welcome, comfortable room with a warm and friendly ambience. The biggest benefit of utilizing granite floor tiles in houses is that they are long-lasting and sturdy. Unlike other flooring solutions, it can withstand a variety of situations, including heavy traffic, high humidity, freezing temperatures, and even steamy environments.

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We bring you 8 of the best granite flooring options for your home.

1. White Kashmir Granite


Kashmir White Granite is a long-lasting and brilliant stone. It offers a consistent surface that is perfect for flooring. Kashmir White Granite tiles are available in various sizes for your flooring needs. For greater longevity and strength, you should choose a thickness of 2 cm or 3 cm, which we have seen to be ideal. Kashmir White Granite is not only a popular choice for kitchen countertops, but also for flooring.

2. Indian Black Marquina


Marquina Granite is a form of black granite with a white or grey wavy pattern, creating beautiful grey or white waves in the stone's backdrop. Because of its durability, it may be used as wall covering and sumptuous flooring. Furthermore, when installed as opposed to light-colored stones, it provides an endlessly gorgeous look. Clients can choose between slabs and tiles made of Black Marquina Granite.

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3. Tan Brown Granite


This is another dark granite hue for flooring, similar to Black Galaxy and Absolute Black. This granite is often used for flooring in a variety of sizes. Tan Brown Granite is an extremely hard and long-lasting granite that can be flamed, polished, or leather finished in flooring tiles. For a white and brown granite floor, we usually combine the tiles with Moon White Granite.

4. Absolute Black Granite


This is an Indian natural stone. This black granite is well known for being used to create high-end kitchen flooring, countertops, and wall cladding. It is one of the darkest granite colours available and has a distinct, sleek, and dependable appearance. It has a pleasing tint and will be a deep dark black once polished. It is significantly harder than other natural stones and can withstand high-gloss polishing for decades. It's a good choice for countertops, flooring, bathroom vanities, and other projects. If you like a matte finish, have the stone honed so that it seems to be a very dark grey.

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5. Black Galaxy Granite


It is a granite that is primarily black with little gold or white particles. Black Galaxy Granite is highly known for its stain-free qualities, as well as its attractive appearance and dramatic finish. This stone's name perfectly suits it, since its golden sparkles are reminiscent of an ever-expanding galaxy. This stone is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.

This stone is not only beautiful, but it is also quite strong. It's no surprise that this amazing natural stone is so popular on the market and at the top of many homeowners' wish lists who visit Décor Luxury Stones, reputed granite slabs suppliers in India. Installing Black Galaxy granite could be one of the best decisions you've ever made for your home.

6. Desert Brown Granite


Desert Brown granite is among the most sought out and least porous stones, making it a good choice for areas such as kitchens because it does not react to acids or chemicals. It will add a sense of elegance to your kitchen and, if properly looked for, might last a lifetime. Desert Brown Granite is a homogenous granite with bright yellow-brown crystals and tiny black crystals.

Desert Brown Granite worktops have grown in popularity as a kitchen counter or work surface material, and you can find the best selection at Décor Luxury Stone, best-selling granite slabs suppliers in India. These kitchen counters are appealing, come in a variety of patterns, and are inexpensive when compared to other granite colors. It is simple to combine with other home and kitchen decor.

7. Golden Garnet Granite


Golden Garnet Granite is commonly seen in temple floorings, large open areas, and the like. Golden Garnet granite has a soft neutral bedrock that is strewn with tiny black and grey crystals and red-brown garnets. It is a medium-grained granite with a uniform distribution of colourful minerals. Because of its smoothness and delicate texture, this granite is widely utilized as countertops and floors.

It is available in a variety of ranges, thicknesses, and other parameters. It is a one-of-a-kind stone that adds elegance wherever it is installed. It has earned the hearts of many homeowners because to its exceptional attributes such as durability, long life, and appealing colors. Check out the latest collection of granite slabs on our Décor Luxury Stones webpage, leading granite slabs suppliers in India, before you finalize the granite flooring for your home.

8. Steel Grey Granite


Steel Grey granite is a high-quality stone with a low variation, long-lasting granite with grey hues and little flecks of lighter grey. Because of its coarse-grained, dark grey gabbro with a dark grey to black/brown backdrop and occasional smaller and lighter grey and/or light to the dark grey crystal structure, it is in high demand everywhere. There are a few instances of minor reflective mineral deposits within the stone that can shine when the light hits them, but they are uncommon.

This long-lasting and attractive Indian Granite is ideal for use indoors and outdoors in cold regions, as well as for all commercial and residential projects. This appealing stone has a relatively long life and can withstand the wear and tear that it will experience in various places of the house.

Granite floors are the best decision for your home. They are hardwearing, versatile and have been a traditional part of home styling. With natural variations in colour, it is easy to see that granite is a timeless choice and you can build an entire home theme around it.

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