Marble Countertop Tips From Top Marble Slabs Suppliers In India

Looking for that gorgeous and glossy marble countertop for your kitchen? Here are 5 useful tips to carry with you on your shopping trip.


Marble exudes an air of elegance that gives any place a timeless charm. Marble lends a luxurious, brilliant ambiance to a space that no other man-made substance can match. Marble is actually quite economical when compared to other natural stones such as granite, despite its appearance. Being extremely heat resistant, it is an excellent choice for kitchen surfaces. Marble will not catch fire or burn, and it will keep its lustre and gloss for many years. You may enjoy the beauty of your marble countertops for a lifetime provided they are properly installed and sealed.

Marble is still the favourite of many homeowners for their kitchen countertops. It is somewhat synonymous with kitchen countertops and backsplashes that it is as if people don’t even consider other options. However, like with any other interior design decision, you should balance the benefits and drawbacks before placing your purchase. Marble isn't a flawless material, after all. Some high-quality marbles are solid and non-porous, making them stain-resistant, but the vast majority of marble on the market has significant levels of calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate, rendering it susceptible to stains and dulling over time. Of course, with regular maintenance, the lustre and polish may be maintained for a long period.
As one of the renowned marble slabs suppliers in India, we have supplied kitchen countertops to adorn the homes of hundreds of customers. So based on our experience, our styling experts have put together this simple guide to help you choose your next marble countertop.

1. Understand What Suits Your Design Theme

Though white is a popular color for kitchen countertops, Indian marble is also available in gold, pink, coffee brown, onyx, and other exotic hues. As a result, you have more options to pick from, resulting in a magnificent and captivating kitchen. It's ideal to sit down with your interior designer and look at what's on the market before deciding what to buy. If you're doing it yourself, our skilled team will be pleased to assist you in selecting the perfect marble countertop for your kitchen. After all, our years of experience as high quality marble slab suppliers in India has provided us with a wealth of knowledge in this field.

2. Textures And Finishes


Marbles are available in a variety of textures, from coarsely fragmented to fine-grained and smooth. Each slab has its own veining and coloration, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. The type of finish you select has a significant impact on maintenance. While a polished surface is more prone to scratches and wearing, a duller finish will age more gracefully over time. With modern technology, one can find different finishes these days. A leather, brushed, or river-wash finish is becoming quite popular in recent times. You should also consider how the edges are finished: narrow-cut corners would chip off more easily so you are better with curved finishes.

3. Fissures VS Cracks

Marble, being a natural stone, can sometimes experience fissures while transporting, weight shifting, heat or sudden impact. Fissures are naturally occurring, reveal a second layer on your countertop and are not heavily damaging on your slab. But a crack is different story. They too are formed due to high heat and some sudden impact. They generally start as a small crack and eventually grow and can break off the entire slab. Knowing the difference between fissures and cracks is important during the purchase process so that you don’t buy a damage kitchen countertop.
We at Décor Luxury Stone, follow a highly accurate quality control process to ensure that our marble countertops are free of any kind of damages and cracks. That is how we are able to sustain the top spot in marble slab suppliers in India.

4. Knowing Your Marble Cuts

Marble is characterized by its veins. So how do you want to cut the marble? Crosscut or Vein cut? A vein cut gives a linear look to the veins on your marble while crosscut gives a random pattern on the countertop. You will get an idea by speaking to our experts on what kind of pattern you will get when the marble is cut. This also depends on the colour you choose. While vein cut is good with white marble, black or coffee brown would look good with cross cut.

5. Maintenance And Upkeep

You should now familiarize yourself with the care and maintenance of your countertop once you've done your research, chosen your stone, and confirmed a cut. Common kitchen ingredients like citrus, vinegar, and cleaning products, among other acidic or greasy substances, might harm your marble. Since they are used regularly, they tend to dull the surface of the marble countertop over the years. This may then be difficult to remove without professional help. You should use a good sealant over the marble countertop to prevent this and remember, you may have to reapply the sealant regularly for better maintenance.
Marble is a natural substance that comes in a wide range of patterns and veins, depending on which variety you choose and how it's cut. It provides a gorgeous natural pattern that is difficult to achieve with artificial materials. It is largely available so you won’t have any supply concerns. It is also one of the cost-effective option in home construction.
Now that you have all the necessary information to make your selection, just give us a call to set a consultation with our sales team. We provide a great assortment of patterns, colors, and sizes to meet your requirements. As the most sought out marble slabs suppliers in India, you get to choose from our vast catalog of high quality marble countertops and make your kitchen the epitome of style and class.