Stacked Stone Wall Panels

Stacked Stone Wall Panels Supplier in India

Add Charm and Elegance to your Rooms with Luxurious Stacked Stone Panels

If there is one building material that all designers are raving over, then it’s this – our stacked stone panels from our luxury collection. Available as easy to stick on tiles, this collection adds elegance and sophisticated charm to your homes.

Our luxury ledger panel lines are available in a wide range of looks and finishes – from contemporary chic to refined rustic, 3D to split faced and plenty more. As a leading Stacked Stone Wall Panels Supplier in India, we have unique colours to choose from – grey, rust, white, forest green, and more. The best part – our luxury stone ledger walls are available in all-natural stones like slate, marble, granite, quartzite, and travertine.

Here’s a look at some of the bestsellers from our luxury stone ledger collection:

  • Quartz star galaxy broken face – In rich shades of grey, this is a perfect fit for contemporary rooms and modern offices.
  • Cotswold Stone Broken Antique Face – This is a warm shade and is a perfect fit for kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms. It adds warmth and textural depth to the place.
  • Carrara White Rock Face – A pristine white ledger panel, this gives the appearance of marble slabs. Most of our customers choose this for puja rooms and indoor corridors.
  • Spicy Rustic Rock Face – If you’re looking to give a mountain cabin effect to your rooms then this is a perfect choice. The texture is unique and mimics that of a rough, unfinished rock face.
  • Topaz Quartz Natural Face – If you love quartz, but the actual stone slabs are out of your budget, then this one is a perfect budget-friendly alternative.
  • Porphyr leather finish – Do you love the idea of adding a leathery texture to your interiors? Then go for this one. It’s perfect for man caves and study rooms.
  • Reclaimed Wood Panel – This is one of the most unique stacked panels in our collection. It’s made from reclaimed wood, without any environmental damages, making it a great choice to add wooden interiors to your home.

Where can you use Stacked Stone Panels?


The short answer is – anywhere. Yes, our stacked stone panels can be used at all places in your home. Accent walls, shower surrounds, media console surrounds, entryways, kitchen backsplashes, bedroom walls, study room walls are some of the popular choices.

You can use our stacked stone panels on any vertical applications be it walls, pillars or columns. Since our stone panels are modular in design – meaning you stack them line by line like laying tiles, it makes for an easy, seamless and groutless installation.

Why use Ledger Stone Panels for your Home?


These stone panels add a rustic appearance to any space and are ideal for both indoor and outdoor usage. Adding stone panels to any room makes it the focal point, elevating the entire look of the place. The best part – ledger stone panels are easy to install and make your project quicker.

Using stone panels outdoors helps you blend to the beauty of your outdoors naturally with your construction. Indoors, it adds drama and aesthetics. With a wide range of options, colours, and textures, we’re sure that you can find the right choice that fits both your budget and theme.

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