Slate Stone Wallpaper Suppliers in India

Slate Stone Wallpaper Suppliers in India


Create the Cozy Look of Stone Walls with Spectacular Slate Stone Wallpapers in India

As one of the top slate stone wallpaper suppliers in India, here at Décor Luxury Stones, we have interesting conversations with our clients. Very often, our clients walk into our showroom looking for natural stone slabs for their walls. Every time we show our clients our collection of slate stone wallpapers, they are surprised. Their comments are mostly, "I can’t believe this is wallpaper. It looks and feels just like natural stone." "The cost is so budget-friendly." And so on.

There are so many benefits to our slate wallpapers. They are versatile, durable and above all else look just fantastic! With an array of different colours, shades and patterns our slate wallpapers are the perfect choice for contemporary homes and commercial projects.

In this post, we introduce you to our slate wallpapers and their benefits. Let’s get started.

A Quick Detour to the History of Slate

Slate is a natural stone that has been used for centuries. Traditionally, the material was used as a roofing tile. When 19th century builders discovered that slate broke evenly into thin sheets, it gained popularity as a roofing material as it was easy to stack. It was naturally fire-resistant and water-proof making it an ideal choice for roofing, as it could easily withstand the harsh elements of nature. Soon, slate was being used inside houses for hallways, corridors, etc.

The fine grain, array of colours and shades, make it a great fit for all interior styles and hence it’s reigning popularity over the years. Today, slate is predominately used for walls, floors and lawns. Slate is emerging as a popular building material, thanks to homeowners discovering its various benefits.

  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Budget-friendly
  • Water-resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • And more

Colours Available in Slate

Traditionally, slate was available in grey, black and dark-coloured shades. But, today it’s manufactured in a variety of hues and colours. At Décor Luxury Stones, as the leading slate stone wallpaper suppliers in India, we have a huge collection of slate wallpapers in a variety of colours and textures. In this post, we highlight some of the best-selling slate wallpapers from our large collection.

#1: Silver Galaxy Quartz Slate


This is a stunning slate stone wallpaper that is of extremely high-quality and realistic looking. This wallpaper features slate stone in subtle shades of black, grey, and silver. With a smooth finish, this wallpaper can be used to create a fantastic feature wall at your home or to create stunning backdrops in a wide range of commercial applications like restaurants, hotel reception, lobbies, bars, etc.

#2: Autumn Rustic Slate


This is a stunning wallpaper that will create a beautiful slate stone effect in any room. It’s sure to be the centre of focus and a major talking point in any room. If you’re looking for a subtle way to make a large impact, then this is the best choice for you. It works perfectly for homes and commercial establishments like restaurants, pubs, etc.

#3: California Gold Slate


Our California Gold Slate adds a beautiful shimmering effect to your walls. Ultra-realistic, this slate is sure to make your walls the focus of the room. With extremely high-quality stones, this wallpaper creates the illusion of molten gold flowing on your walls. If you’re going all out and need a bold choice, then this is the best slate stone wallpaper for you.

#4: D-Green Slate


A latest entrant to our collection of slate stone wallpapers, this is a high-quality wallpaper that is elegant and sophisticated. The muted shades of green and brown lend a timeless look to your home and help in creating the realistic bumps and textures of a stone wall. You can use this slate as a feature wall or use it for the entire room, as it’s subtle and doesn’t feel overpowering.

#5: Terra Red Slate


Featuring earthy reds and browns, this slate wallpaper replicates the warm texture of slate. It’s the perfect choice for rustic and traditional interiors as it lends warm and earthy vibes to the room.

If you love the beauty of natural stone walls, then you can recreate them using our collection of slate stones and wallpapers. As the No.1 slate stone wallpaper suppliers in India, we have a huge collection of natural slate stone slabs for walls and floors. Get in touch with our team to find the best slate slabs and wallpapers for your home at the best possible prices.