Indian Sandstone

Some creative ways to use Sandstone for your Home

7 Reasons why Using Indian Sandstone for Your Home is an Excellent Choice

If you’re constructing your home or you’re in the middle of a renovation, then you may have considered a wide range of construction materials for your home. You may have heard of sandstone and wondered whether it’s a good choice.

Here, in today’s post, we take a look at the top 7 reasons why you should include sandstone in your home. Very often, homeowners assume that sandstone is only suitable for outdoor paths. Not many are aware of the versatility of this natural stone. Apart from the stunning aesthetics, sandstone is highly durable and can withstand extreme weather conditions.

#1: Stunning Aesthetics

This is a huge draw of sandstone. It’s simply stunning and appeals to all. The earthy tones and the rugged grooves on the surface of the stone make it a gorgeous design choice for homes of all styles. The texture of sandstone is similar to hardened stone and gives off a rustic look.

People who love to infuse a bit of nature in their homes opt for sandstone. If you’re looking for a rustic look, then including sandstone in your bathrooms and living rooms is an excellent choice.

#2: Durable

This is another major benefit of natural sandstone. It’s a natural stone, meaning it lasts for years to come. Unlike synthetic materials that are prone to chips and cracks, natural sandstone is highly durable and looks good for years down the line.

#3: Minimal Maintenance

If you’re worried about the high maintenance of natural stones, then sandstone makes an excellent choice for you. Sandstone requires minimal maintenance. With a quick rinse and dry, and a sweep you can keep your sandstone floors and pavements, looking radiant forever.

#4: Versatility

This is another major feature of sandstone that makes it the preferred choice for both interior designers and construction engineers. Sandstone works for both indoor and outdoor usage. Whether you’re looking to pave the paths around your pool, line the walls and floors of an outdoor patio or line your living room and bathroom floors – sandstone works for all.

#5: Clean it with Water

A spill occurred on your sandstone floor? Or a stain on your outdoor sandstone path? Worry not; you can easily remove stains with regular water. You don’t need the use of any special chemicals and cleaning substances. Regular water with soap is enough to make your sandstone look good for a long time.

#6: Easy to Install

Unlike other materials that are brittle, sandstone is soft. Meaning, cutting it into the desired shape is a breeze. This makes the installation process quick and less labour intensive.

#7: Fastens well with Cement

This is another main reason why builders prefer sandstone for homes. Sandstone fastens well with cement making it easy to use, both on floors and walls.

Now, that you’ve seen the incredible benefits of sandstone for homes, are you ready to use this stunning natural stone in your home? Get in touch with our team to pick the right sandstone materials for your home at the most affordable prices.