Stone Spotlight: Sandstone and Cobblestones Suppliers in India

Stone Spotlight: Sandstone and Cobblestones Suppliers in India


The Increasing Popularity of Indian Cobblestones & Sandstones

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When it comes to choosing natural stones for homes, the first choices that come to our minds are – granite, marble, slate and limestone. While these stones usually hog the limelight, other less popular choices like sandstone and cobblestone are regaled to the back as the "less favourite cousins." But, did you know that cobblestones and sandstones are all set to shine in the spotlight?

Stone Spotlight: Rustic Charm of Indian Cobblestones


Though cobblestones have been around for centuries, they have grown in popularity in recent years, thanks to their excellent properties. They are fire-proof, highly sturdy, eco-friendly and easy to clean, requiring minimal maintenance.

All these great properties make cobblestone an excellent choice for exterior use like pathways, pavements, corridors, driveways, landscaping and all other exterior uses. Cobblestones are naturally pretty and do not require extra painting or shine to enhance their appearance.

Another appealing feature of cobblestones are its size. It’s not too big like granite slabs or too small like pebbles. They are of medium size, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. Whether you’re looking to line your driveways or create borders, cobblestones are the right choice.

Since cobblestones are naturally occurring, each stone has minor variations making them unique. Some of the popular cobblestone styles include: granite cobbles, marble cobbles, limestone cobbles, quartzite cobbles, slate stone cobbles, and sandstone cobbles.

Cobblestones are used to enhance the appearance of:

  • Exterior pavements
  • Outdoor pathways
  • Pool surrounds
  • Garden edges
  • Landscaping
  • And much more

Since cobblestones are naturally slip-resistant, they are ideal for outdoor pathways and pavements that are moisture-prone. Cobblestones enjoy a long life and last for years to come with minimal maintenance.

One popular variety of cobblestone are sandstone cobbles. They are primarily used for decorative landscaping and other aesthetical architectural needs. These stones are hand-chiselled and naturally available. They are eco-friendly, slip-resistant, recyclable, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, making for a premium and luxurious choice for your outdoors.

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Stone Spotlight: Mesmerising Beauty of Indian Sandstone


As one of the top sandstone suppliers in India, we would like to shine the spotlight on another natural stone – the sandstone.

Sandstone is a type of sedimentary rock that is usually formed on ocean, lake and river beds. It’s made of mineral particles like feldspar and quartz. It’s naturally tough and resistant to weathering. It’s a common building and paving material used since ancient times.

Fade resistant – Sandstone retains its colour even on continuous exposure to sunlight. Hence, it’s a great choice for exteriors. Contrary to popular assumption, it’s available in a variety of colours.

Plenty of colour choices – Sandstone is available in a variety of colour palettes ranging from deep browns, red, chocolate, auburn, and even yellow, light grey, beige and white.

Weather resistant – Sandstone is resistant to natural elements like corrosion, moisture, thereby making it an excellent outdoor material. It’s easy to maintain. Also, sealing it makes it more robust and sturdy. When compared with other natural stones, sandstones are long-lasting and highly durable.

Ultra low maintenance – Sandstone is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with regular water. It doesn’t need any special cleaning agent or chemicals.

All-season stone – Sandstone retains its heat in winters and remains cool in summers, making it all season-choice.

Available in two finishes – Smooth or rough. Smooth sandstone is used for decorative purposes, while rough sandstone is used for exterior pathways.

Wrapping Up

Both sandstones and cobblestones are less popular natural stones. But, that doesn’t make them any less impressive. Sandstone gives a charming aesthetic appeal to your home, while cobblestones lend it a rustic touch. Both these stones are easily available and are growing in popularity among architects and interior designers, who are looking for something out of the ordinary.

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