The Role of Granite Slabs Suppliers in India in Driving the Construction Industry



A majority of construction projects – be it residential or commercial – are achieved with the help of natural stones. Whether you are looking for the PERFECT finishing material for your driveway, countertops, bathroom counters, flooring, steps – natural stones like granite are the perfect choice. India is the global hub of granite slabs . With thousands of granite slabs suppliers in India, you can quickly find the perfect granite slab for your project.

Why is granite preferred for construction projects?


  • Granite is a natural rock. It is a type of igneous rock and is available in the form of thin sheets or large slabs.
  • It’s available in a variety of colours – from dark greys to light pinks – granite stones cover the entire colour spectrum.
  • The natural texture and aesthetic of granite slabs make it the perfect choice for all interior styles.
  • It lasts for years to come and is extremely durable – making it a great choice for both residential and commercial projects.
  • Granite is an eco-friendly material. It is quarried and no synthetic products are added during its manufacture process.
  • Granite is cut and shaped in the form of slabs or stones in large granite factories. From here, these stones are shipped to numerous granite slabs suppliers in India who distribute it to their customers.
  • Granite slabs can have a smooth or textured finish. The texture is chosen depending on the application. For example, textured granite works better for driveways as it provides anti-slip properties. On the other hand, smooth granite is the perfect choice for kitchen and bathroom countertops as it gives a smooth work surf

Classification of Indian Granite Slabs for Different Requirements


Granite slabs can be classified into different types based on their end usage. Some of the popular choices include:

Type of Finish Where is it used?
Flamed or Brushed Granite Sidewalks, outdoor pathways, garden paths, corridors, garden benches, driveways, etc.
Honed Granite Slabs Work well for high/medium footfall areas in both residential and commercial projects
Polished Granite Slabs Best suited for areas with low footfall like indoor flooring. It is also used as countertops and other decorative applications like slabs, furniture tops, etc.
Easy to polish Cold underfoot
Adds to the value of your property Stains easily

Popular Colours of Indian Granite


When we think of granite, we are only reminded of the dark black slabs that are common in Indian kitchens. But, did you know that granite slabs are available in a variety of colours? Check out the top colours of Indian granite slabs:

  • Brown and green granite slabs
  • Black and red granite slabs
  • Pink and yellow granite slabs
  • Blue and white granite slabs
  • Gold and grey granite slabs

Popular Finishes of Indian Granite

You can choose the right finish depending on your requirements. Some of the popular choices include:

  • Honed
  • Polished
  • Sandblasted
  • Bush hammered
  • Leathered
  • Tumbled and
  • Antique finish

Granite Manufacturing Process at Top Granite Slabs Suppliers in India


Manufacturing granite is a lengthy and laborious process. The first step of the process is mining raw granite slabs from granite quarries. These are mammoth blocks of stone that are then sent to granite factories for cutting and shaping. At granite factories, the large blocks of stone are cut and shaped using heavy-duty machinery. The slabs are shaped in standard sizes and sent to granite suppliers.

Top granite slab suppliers in India have work areas where the granite slabs are cut into custom sizes as per the needs of each client. The finish and texture of granite slabs are either done in factories or at the warehouses of suppliers.

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