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Adding Wooden Wall Panels to Your Home? The top 6 Styles perfect for your Interiors

We are sure that you would have noticed wooden panels in your granny’s home. In the 60s and 70s, lining walls of rooms with wooden panels – mostly plywood was a popular interior décor trend. However, these panels lost their popularity to the eclectic design trends of the 80s and 90s.

As they say, style and trends are cyclic, wooden panels are now making a huge comeback. But, before you discard them as a boring interior style, wait – wooden panels are back but with a contemporary twist, making them a perfect fit for the design choices of the homes of millennials.

Thanks to advancements in wood engineering technology, the wooden panels of today are trendy, stylish, sophisticated and are a far cry from the plywood panels of yesteryears. The best part – they are eco-friendly.

There are plenty of recycled wood wall panel suppliers in Indonesia , Thailand, Vietnam, and the rest of South-east Asia, who are appealing to the millennial crowd by using repurposed wood for panelling.

Recycled wood panels have also made their way to the Indian market and here at Décor Luxury Stones, we have introduced it to our collection. Though not very popular like our natural stone slabs, wood wall panels are growing in popularity. So, if you want to stay ahead of home design trends, then the time is perfect for investing in wood wall panels.

Our wood wall panels are recycled and we source them from premium old wood wall panel suppliers in Vietnam and Indonesia, offering you the best quality. Now, that we’ve convinced you to jump aboard the wood wall panelling trends, the next big question is,

“Which is the best style of wood panelling right now?”

In this article, we share with you the six different types of wood panelling to consider for your interiors.

1. Shiplap Panelling


Shiplap panelling is one of the common wooden panel styles and is mostly used for exteriors. Today, top home designers and interior decorators are using this style for decorating the interiors of homes and commercial places.

In this style, wooden planks are mounted horizontally with a small gap between each panel. Mostly, this style makes use of white panels. One major drawback of this style of panelling is that it is a dust magnet, making it a huge burden for cleaning. The pros of this style are that the time and labour costs for installation are lesser. Hence, it’s also known as the poor man’s tongue and groove, which costs more.

2. Tongue and Groove


Though it appears similar to shiplap, it costs more. The time taken for installation is more than Shiplap. However, the final look is classic and sophisticated. If you are someone who likes classic interior styles, then tongue and groove is a great choice for you.

In this panelling style, the effect of wood shrinkage is hidden well as the joints are beaded and moulded, giving a seamless output. It’s used in many applications like cabinets, cupboards and more. Tongue and groove panelling is shortly known as T&G.

3. Reclaimed Wood Panels


Reclaimed wood panels are the biggest trends right now and are a popular choice among millennials. As the name suggests, these panels are made from old wooden panels that have been refurbished. Reclaimed wood panels are made using lumber retrieved from old barns, warehouses, factories, wine barrels, coal mines and boxcars.

Since these panels are made from reclaimed wood, it is eco-friendly. These panels are used primarily for decoration rather than load-bearing structures. Reclaimed wood panels are used in furniture, cabinets, flooring and more.

Since the process of reclaiming wood from old wooden panels is labour extensive, reclaimed wood costs more. However, it is long-lasting and is worth the investment.

4. Board and Batten


As the name suggests, this panelling style has two types of planks – the boards and battens. Here, the boards refer to long vertical planks of wood while the battens refer to smaller strips of wood. The boards are placed vertically, and the joints are covered with battens.

Installation is quick and easy and is a timeless choice. Generally, the boards are 1 foot in width, and the bather is around ½ inch wide. Though the classic style is boards placed vertically, today woodwork artists also place them horizontally. It’s also known as barn siding. It’s ideal for bathrooms and dining rooms.

5. Beadboard Pattern


If you are looking to add a stunning visual element to a bland room, then go for beadboard patterns. It’s a great alternative to regular tiling work. It can be installed at any height, making it an ideal choice for both floors and walls.

While traditionally beadboard patterns were used in rustic country manors, it fits perfectly in contemporary and modern rooms as well. It has a row of narrow wooden planks lined up vertically. Between each plank, you can find a small indentation which is known as the bead. The vertical planks are capped off with small strips of horizontal moulding.

6. Flat Panels


It’s one of the easiest styles of wood wall panelling. It’s mostly used for covering exposed walls. It’s not just decorative but also highly functional. It works as a heat and sound insulator.

Wood Wall Panels are Back

Wooden wall panels are back in vogue and are a huge hit. Use these styles to inspire you, and adorn your home with classic and timeless wooden planks. If you need any further help, reach out to our team on our social media pages and we’ll help you out.