Quality Checks used by Granite Suppliers in India



Black galaxy granite is one of the most popular granite stones in India. In fact, it’s one of our best-sellers. The base of the granite slab is black and is speckled with white or gold flecks, hence the name black galaxy. Stunning and beautiful, black galaxy granite is available at all granite suppliers in India.

An excellent choice for kitchen and bathroom counters, black galaxy granite slabs can be used both indoors and outdoors. If you’re shopping for granite slabs in India, then make sure to do a quality check to verify if the slabs you are purchasing is of good quality. As the leading granite suppliers in India, we have created this quality check chart to help you verify the quality of granite slabs.

How to check the quality of polish of granite slabs?


The polish plays a crucial role in determining the finish and overall look of the slab. Dull/low quality polish takes away the pristine finish of the slab. Granite suppliers use a professional polish gauge to evaluate the finish of the stone. If you don’t have access to a polish meter, here’s a quick test that you can carry out without using any instruments:

  • Clean the sample with a soft wet cloth to get rid of all dirt and dust.
  • Then, wipe the sample dry.
  • Next, turn the sample to about 45 degrees and inspect it visually under a bright light.
  • A finely polished slab will not have any visible patches or inconsistencies. On the other hand, a slab that has poor finish will look blurry and exhibit scratches.

How to check the thickness of granite slabs?


If you’re using granite slabs for flooring or on counters, then you need to ensure that the slab has uniform thickness. Here's how you can check the thickness of granite slabs:

  • The easiest way to evaluate the thickness is by using a measuring tape.
  • Measure at random spots around the edges of the slab. See if it is of uniform size.
  • Ideally, a tolerance of 0.1 - 0.3 mm is acceptable.

How to check for cracks in granite slabs?


When you purchase granite slabs, you need to ensure that there are no holes or cracks in the slab. Slabs with holes/cracks are likely to break and do not hold well under stress. Granite suppliers in India use ultrasonic scanners to check for cracks and damages in the slab. Here is another test that you can use if you don’t have access to these gadgets:

  • Sprinkle water evenly on the surface of the stone. See if the water pools at any point. If you notice tiny water puddles, then it means the surface of the slab is uneven and has cracks on it.

How to check the porosity of granite slabs?


Porosity refers to the water retention of a material. A material that is highly porous absorbs water easily, whereas a non-porous material doesn’t absorb water. Ideally, high-quality granite slabs have low porosity. Here is a quick test to check the porosity of granite slabs without any tools:

  • Drop 3 to 4 drops of freshly squeezed and filtered lemon juice on the surface of the granite slab. If the lemon juice is absorbed immediately, then it indicates the granite slab is highly porous and is of poor quality.
  • Additionally, if the lemon juice stains the black galaxy granite and creates white smears, then it indicates that the granite contains high amounts of calcite, which again indicates poor quality.

How to check the bends of granite slabs?


Generally, granite slabs are highly robust and do not bend. Bends are more common in softer stones like marble. The best way to avoid bends in granite slabs is by using slabs thicker than 20 mm. Alternatively, you can use weights to correct the curvature of granite slabs.

How to check for artificial colouring on granite slabs?


Sometimes suppliers pass off low-quality granite slabs by colouring it with artificial paints. These colours disguise the cracks, patches and lines on the granite slabs. The best way to spot poor quality granite slabs is to use scratching tools. Use these tools to scratch the surface of the slab. If it does not leave any visible scratches, then it means the stone has no artificial colouring.

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