Some creative ways to use top 5 Granite colours

The Top 5 Granite Colours that were a Huge Hit in 2018

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials for kitchens and bathrooms. It’s preferred by interior designers and homeowner alike. The gorgeous and stunning appearance of natural granite with dainty swirls and speckles, long-lasting durability and minimal maintenance are some of the reasons why granite is the No.1 option for countertops.

A granite counter makes for a beautiful and stunning focal point for your kitchen and bathrooms.

Granite is available in hundreds of colours and finding the right colour that suits your interior design, and personal style may feel overwhelming. Worry not; here in today’s guide from Décor Luxury Stones; we give you the top granite colours that were a huge hit among house owners this year.

Check out the top granite colours that are bestsellers for 2018:

Pearly White


The pearly accents of the Pearly White granite slab give a luxurious look to your kitchen and bathrooms. This colour is bolder and brighter compared to the regular granite options. It’s perfect for homeowners, who want the looks of marble but prefer a more durable stone.

The soft pearly textures of this colour give you a marble-y feel combined with the tensile durability of granite.

The pearlescent accents in the Pearly White slab add a luxurious look to a classic slab color combo. While the pattern is slightly bolder than marble, this slab is a nice option for homeowners who considered marble but worry about softness; Luna Pearl's shimmery, opalescent flecks provide that softer, luminescent look marble is known for - combined with the durability of granite.

This colour works well with gray and white cabinets. However, if you want to add some contrast, then pair Luna Pearl granite counters with maple, cherry or other dark wood finishes.

Rich Brown


This is a granite colour that has been trending for years. It has a rich brown background colour with speckles of black and dark chocolate in the foreground.

If you are confused which granite colour to choose, then a safe option is the Rich Brown colour. It works with all cabinet colours, and the darker shades mean that dirt and dust are not visible. If you have plenty of footfall and maximum usage in your kitchens and bathrooms, then this colour is perfect for you.



This colour is another classic granite colour that never goes out of style. The classic black and white flecks are interspersed with earthy browns. Beiges range from darker shades like tans to lighter tones like gold. You can even come across beige granite slabs that have an earthy moss-green appearance.

The variation in beige makes it suitable for all kitchens and bathrooms ranging from lighter creamy colours to darker brown shades.

Classic White


The classic white granite is highly versatile. It has a balance of these three colours – white, gray and black. It’s perfect for all kitchens and bathrooms – and suits dark to light interiors. In fact, the classic white granite slab has been trending and is used in kitchens for decades.

The subtle, nondescript yet noticeable pattern makes it suitable for all kitchen and bathroom styles ranging from rustic to contemporary.

Platinum White


This is another colour style that was a huge seller this year. If you wish to add granite to your kitchen, but don’t want it to be too flashy or bright, then the Platinum white slab is right up your alley. It’s subtle, sophisticated, delicate and brings a soothing bluish tone to your interiors. Though it appears similar to the classic white, it has blue speckles throughout.

The platinum white is perfect for contemporary kitchens with sleek lines and a modern aesthetic. It complements neutral bathrooms as well as bathrooms with blue, gray and earth-toned palettes.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this list, lighter granite colours made a huge comeback in 2018. We expect this trend to continue right through next year too.

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