Granite VS Marble – Top Marble Slabs Suppliers In India Explains

Tips From Top Marble Slabs Suppliers In India


Both marble and granite are natural, meaning they are both acquired through mining and excavation, but they have a few differences. Marble, often associated with hardstone, is a rock that is harder than granite, but softer than limestone.

Marble and granite are a great way to add style and sophistication to your home. One stone can be very unique, while the other can give your home a more classic and elegant look. Whether you are looking to add a traditional feel to your home, or you are in search of something more modern and sleek, both granite and marble can meet your expectations. Both are very good choices because they are easy to get and cheap, and can be installed outdoors too.

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Granite is a kind of igneous rock. Granite is formed by the cooling of molten magma that is typically composed of iron, magnesium, oxygen, silicon, and aluminium.

Marble is a sedimentary rock. Marble is formed when sediments such as sandstones, limestone, and shales are compressed and heated.

Colors & Patterns


Marble varies in color from white to almost any color you can think of. Marble comes in a variety of colors including red, yellow, green, blue, pink, brown, and black. You can tell the difference between marble and granite by examining the stone's color, veining, and other surface features.

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Stone Characteristic

The strips and patterns of marble and granite can be used to tell them apart with the naked eye. Despite their differences in nature, both granite and marble have patterns on them. Since granite is an igneous rock and marble is metamorphic, their patterns are plainly distinct. Marble patterns are varied, with smooth and appealing strips and color-rich lines. The granite pattern, on the other hand, is speckled and very plain, with no noticeable pattern formation.


Marble is a softer stone that is often used to make countertops, flooring, and other household items as well as statues and other sculptures.

Granite is resilient, acid-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, and may be utilized for an extended period of time even in wind and sunlight.

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Caring And Maintenance

The durability and maintenance of granite and marble are very different. As marble is more porous, it is more prone to stains and spills, so you will need to clean and seal it more frequently.

Granite is less porous, but it still needs to be sealed at least once a year to improve its resistance to stains and spills.


The scattered natural stones used on the exterior pavement are granite, whereas marble is typically used indoors. Because granite is far more durable than marble and can tolerate any weather condition. Marble patterns, on the other hand, are lovely and excellent for interior design.

Since marble is gorgeous, as bright and clean as a mirror, and has a high ornamental value, it is extensively utilized in the arts.

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