Is Marble Flooring the Right Choice for your Home?

Is Marble Flooring the Right Choice for your Home?


Is Marble Flooring the Right Choice for your Home?

Prized for its elegance, style and beauty, marble has graced royal palace for centuries. It's the most upscale flooring option. While marble is indeed beautiful and can make your guests go WoW, there are some downsides of using this natural stone for your floors. It requires special maintenance, and is more susceptible to damage when compared with other popular flooring choices like ceramic, porcelain vitrified tiles. So, is marble flooring the right choice for your homes?

Décor Luxury Stone, one of the top marble suppliers in India walks you through the pros and cons of marble flooring, so that you can make an informed decision.

Key Characteristics of Marble



Marble is a natural stone that is extracted from quarries worldwide. Hence, it’s 100% eco-friendly and bio-degradable. There are no synthetic materials used in the production of marble.


Technically, marble is a limestone – a combination of calcium carbonate and calcite. If acidic substances like sodas, fruit juices, vinegar, etc. Fall on unsealed marble floor, it creates permanent discolouration or stains, if not wiped immediately. To protect your marble flooring from accidental spills, ensure that it’s properly sealed.

Physical Properties

Marble is heavy, smooth, hard and durable. It can be polished heavily to have a glossy appearance.

Pros of Using Marble Flooring


Beautiful and Timeless - Marble is one of the most beautiful and stunning natural materials. It doesn’t fade and will continue to remain good as new for years to come.

Natural Pattern - This is another distinct characteristic of marble. The grain and vein patterns of marble give it a unique finish. No two marble stones are designed the same way. So, when you purchase marble tiles you are investing in a one-of-a-kind material.

Durable and Long-lasting - Marble tiles can be polished any number of times, without causing damage to the stone.

Cool - Marble has an innate ability to reflect heat. Hence, it always feels cold underfoot – making it a great choice for homes in hot climates.

Seamless Joints - Marble flooring is available in large tile formats. Hence, grouts and joints are minimal, giving off a seamless look to your floors.

Wide Variety - Marble is available in a wide variety of types like:

  • Calacatta Marble
  • Carrara Marble
  • Emperador Marble
  • Crema Marfil Marble
  • Levadia Black Marble
  • Talathello Marble
  • And more

Marbles are available in a variety of colours ranging from pristine white to deep black. You can find the right marble colours that fits your interior styles.

Cons of Using Marble Flooring


Expensive – Marble is one of the most expensive building materials, making it out reach for homeowners with small budgets.

Easy to Scratch – When compared with other natural stones like granite, marble has lower abrasion resistance. Hence, it can get easily damaged or scratched.

Porous – Marble is highly porous, hence it’s not water resistant.

Discolouration – Marble stains easily and gets damaged by acidic substances. It takes on a yellow tinge if the marble is of inferior quality.

Easy to Crack – Inferior quality marble can get cracked easily.

Time Consuming Installation – Marble requires around 48 to 76 hours before it can be set and polished.

Special Care – You need to spend extra time cleaning marble to ensure that it retains its shine and colour.

Tips to Maintain Marble


To maintain the shine of your marble flooring, you have to clean it regularly with mop and water. Instead, of using expensive floor cleaners or special marble wax, you can wipe the floor with a soapy solution of detergent and water. For tough stains, make a paste of baking soda and water and apply it on the stain. Let it remain there for a few minutes. Then, wipe the floor clean with a damp cloth. Finally, buff the floor with a soft cloth to make it shiny.

Pros Cons
Elegant and luxurious appearance Porous, hence it’s not water resistant, and requires constant sealing
100% eco-friendly Gets scratched easily
Suitable for heated floors Expensive
Easy to polish Cold underfoot
Adds to the value of your property Stains easily
------ Discolouration occurs if poor quality stone is used

Are marble floors the right choice for your home?

There's no doubt that marble flooring adds a beautiful look to your interiors. They are timeless and classic. Marble is a beautiful material that is elegant and sophisticated. But marble requires extra maintenance. Make sure that you’re aware of the limitations of marble so that you can make an informed decision. Also be aware of the cleaning procedure of marble, so that you can maintain it properly.

Finally, purchase marble stones from trusted marble tile suppliers in India, so that you get genuine high-quality marble tiles for your home. Reach out to Décor Luxury Stones, the No.1 marble slabs suppliers in India for high-quality stones at the best prices in the market.