Some creative ways to use granite

Fun Facts about Granite that You May Not Be Aware Of

Here, at Décor Luxury Stones, we ensure that our clients make an informed choice. This is why we educate our clients about the products we sell. While we have spoken about the reasons why granite is a good choice for your home in our previous articles, here in today’s post, we are going to take a look at some of the fun, interesting and quirky facts about granite floor tiles.

Did You Know that,

  • Granite is the world’s oldest igneous rock. Historians trace the first instances of granite long, long back around 300 million years ago. Yep, your granite counter is certainly older than you.
  • Granite is formed when magma rises from deep within the Earth and cools down slowly on the Earth’s surface.
  • Granite is a plutonic rock. It’s formed deep, deep underground.
  • A significant portion of the Earth’s continental crust is made up of granite. No, don’t go digging for granite underneath you.
  • The white, small mineral grains you see in your granite slabs are feldspar. This is the most abundant rock on earth and comprises around 60% of the entire surface of the Earth.
  • The word granite is of Latin origin. It was derived from the word, “granum,” which roughly translates to “coarse grain.” Granite was given this name due to the densely packed feldspar crystals in the stone.
  • Granite is incredibly heavy. Its density is one hundred and sixty-two pounds per cubic feet. It’s one of the hardest and most durable substances on the planet, only next to diamond. It’s so tough and durable that the pedestal on which the gigantic Statue of Liberty rests is made from granite.
  • Granite has been used in construction for millennia, and it can even be found in the ancient pyramids of Egypt.
  • The world’s highest granite mountain is the Kanchenjunga in the Himalayan ranges. It’s the third-highest mountain in the world. Standing at the height of 8586 metres, the Kanchenjunga comes next to Everest (which is made of limestone) and K2 (which is gneiss).
  • The famous tourist attraction in the US, Mount Rushmore is also carved out of granite.
  • The Almendres Cromlech is one of the biggest standing stone sites in Europe and dates back to 6000 B.C. The site contains 100 free-standing granite monoliths that still stand even after centuries have passed.
  • It was used in the construction of the first commercial railroad in the US. The Granite Railway route ran between the towns of Quincy in Massachusetts and a dock on Neponset River.
  • The rocks used in most indoor rock climbing walls are made from granite. Granite is the preferred choice due to its durability and safety.
  • Granite is found all over the Earth and even on seabeds.