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Add Charm and Elegance to Your Home with 7 Leading Varieties of Indian Sandstone

India has always been known for its rich art and culture. Our historical monuments, diverse flora, and fauna have always been the centre of attraction for tourists from all over the world. Monuments like the Red Fort, Gate Way of India, Taj Mahal, Jaipur forts have always been a point of attraction and also a heritage site.

A vast majority of our historical monuments have been constructed with sandstone. The sandstone that is quarried from India has a huge demand in the global markets. The Indian sandstone market is quite extensive and there wide variety of shades available. There are over 35 types of Indian sandstone to choose form.

Sandstone has a wide range of applications, like doors, beams, paving, flooring, window sills, and much more. The hardness of sandstone makes it durable and an appropriate choice for almost all weather conditions.

If you are looking for Indian sandstone or sandstone supplier from India, who offer Indian Sandstone then you are in the right place. This article would be the perfect guide for you to choose sandstone for your home project. The different types of sandstone mentioned in this guide are the hot selling materials in the Indian market as well as the global market.

Agra Red Sandstone


If you have chosen sandstone for paving, then you have made the right choice. Sandstone is a great flooring option as it is slip resistant and can withstand harsh wear and tear. Sandstone gives an elegant and classical feel to wherever it is applied. This makes it an ideal choice for indoors and outdoors. Sandstone is durable, scratchproof, hard wearing and long lasting.

Common Application: Exterior wall cladding

Camel Dust Sandstone


This type of sandstone consists of earthy natural tones such as gentle browns, buff greens, and terracotta. The colours are most suitable for rustic and traditional interiors. The unique texture of camel dust sandstone makes it ideal for exterior applications.

Common Application: Outdoor Facades, and pathways.

Fossil Mint Sandstone


Fossil Mint Natural Indian sandstone paving slabs add brightness and clarity to your garden or patio with its cream, golden to orange shades. These light coloured slabs are very impressive, stable, and reliable. The slabs have an elegant appearance to your floors. It gives a timeless appeal to your rooms and is perfect for both indoor and exterior applications.

Common Application: Flooring

Mandana sandstone


Mandana Sandstone is chocolate coloured sandstone with colours ranging from dark red-brown to plum. This is hard wearing & frost resistant sandstone. The colours of this sandstone are very consistent. It is a good choice as it gives a contemporary, traditional look.

One can go for Mandana Sandstone to give their home a brand new traditional décor. This is the reason various hotels use Mandana sandstone accent to give it a modern yet a traditional homely look. The colour varies from soft chocolate to light purple. It gives a classic look to any construction, be it residential or commercial.

Common Application: Indoor décor.

Modak Sandstone


Modak Sandstone as it is popularly called is a stunning mix of pink, rose, honey, and terracotta colours. A popular stone as it has a natural appearance which will blend harmoniously with any environment.

Modak Sandstone provides a striking blend of colors with a pale backdrop and distinctive pink veining. Shades within Modak Sandstone include rusty oranges, pinks, and even pale yellows, blending together to produce a very individual finish. It can be used to create a dramatic effect in a number of situations - whether as a feature wall or as the main floor of a living room.

Common Application: Indoor Décor

Yellow Mint Sandstone


Mint Sandstone also called as Tinted Mint or Himalayan Sandstone, is beautiful natural Sandstone with a mixture of greenish-yellow and buff colors. With its natural tones and shades, Tinted Mint paving blends in with any surrounding.

Due to the individual characteristics of hand quarried natural stone, each piece has its own unique look and may vary in colour, texture, and thickness from other pieces of the same type of stone. There is a variation in surface texture, from being reasonably smooth while others have a bit of a split finish and irregular layers.

The subtle colour variations ensure that this product looks stunning in any application. Perfect for almost any environment it offers warm, neutral colour high-quality cooler in the heat of summer.

Common Application: Flooring and wall panelling.

Wrapping Up

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