Top Ideas From Leading Marble Suppliers In India

10 Classic Ways To Add Marble To Your Home Interior Designing


Marble – the subtle, sparkling beauty of the tiles world that can brighten up any home. Marble is elegant and adds a hint of sophistication to your home décor. It has the power to elevate and decorate any space it is installed in.

Marble is rightly called the ‘Shining Stone’ due to its natural shiny texture and the beautiful ‘veins’ that makes it unique. It is naturally formed due to limestone's metamorphic crystallization that results in the conversion of calcium carbonate into calcite crystals.

Décor Luxury Stones, top notch marble suppliers in India, have an exhaustive catalog of natural marble stone for your home décor. They have come up with these 10 amazing ideas for you to incorporate marble stones in your home interiors. Let us see how.



Though it sounds obvious, tiles have replaced marble in majority of households owing to its affordability and easy availability. You can install marble in selected spaces around the house to elevate the sense of style. Like, the foyer, living room or the dining room, are great places to design with marble flooring. Check out designs and patterns from Décor Luxury Stones, leading marble suppliers in India, to match your home interior vibe.

2. Marble Kitchen Countertops


These are very common in most households. They are the first choice because they are durable, heat resistant and stain resistant. Indians love a stylish kitchen and most marble suppliers in India offer a wide variety of marble stones for your kitchen countertop in various colours and designs. Choose something that can elevate your kitchen setting and go along with your cabinets. Talk to your designer to see if you can design your kitchen backsplash with marble stones too.

3. Marble Walls


Walls are frequently ignored during the interior designing process. Take it up to transform your wall into a statement piece by adorning them with marble stones. A monochromatic white hue with black veins oozes of style and panache. It adds a touch of glamour to any space.

You can achieve that minimalist look by choosing white and black hues with a mix of grey. Compliment these walls with plush furniture and accessories in dark green or midnight blue shades.

4. Marbles For Bathrooms


Marble need not be restricted to bathroom flooring, you can incorporate it in the walls, wash basin, and even the tub. Marble stones are highly durable and prevent staining and are a great choice for places like bathroom that have heavy foot traffic. Choose marble stones that can add life to your bathroom by going with us, leading marble stone suppliers in India.

5. Marble Backsplash For Your Kitchen


You can incorporate marble to achieve a simple yet classy look for your kitchen. Marble backsplash are a good option as they are fire proof and oil proof and can be cleaned easily. They are inexpensive and easy to install while adding class and texture to your kitchen space.

6. Marble Furniture


Your personal style is reflected in your home furniture. Furniture made of marble exudes strength, power, and elegance. Marble furniture goes with every color scheme, making it a wonderful complement for furniture in any space. Imagine a marble dining table with a plush rug that is sure to make all your guests envious. Almost all leading marble suppliers in India can guide you in acquiring such art pieces for your home décor.

7. Marble Home Accents


Figurines, idols, or any kind of art pieces made of marble add a sense of luxury to your home. Especially, divine idols made of marble come with that soft finish and amazing features that make them attractive. You can use marble idols and figurines as standalone decorative art pieces or choose to mix them up with handicraft frames and trays to accentuate their beauty.

8. Marble Pooja Temples

Indians love their home temples and marble stones are their go to choice for this divine accessory. Marble Pooja temples allows for showcase of intricate patterns and designs. They add a touch of magnificence to your praying space. Though most marble Pooja temples are sought in white colour, you can add colour by adding some greens, reds and yellows to deck up the style quotient.

9. Marble Coffee Table


A marble coffee table will bring a touch of elegance to your living room. Combine it with wood and glass, and you've got yourself a true focal point for your home's decor. Wood and marble, a natural pair, create a magnificent and striking focus piece for your living area.

10. Marble Lamps

Marble lamps are a great home accent. They are versatile and can be matched with any décor in any room. Whether you go with floor lamps, hanging marble lamps, or desktop lamps, they can be matched with your other décor and seem to create a cohesive design for your décor. You can even achieve a symmetrical look by placing two identical lamps on either side of your bed.

Marble has been a part of home décor since times immemorial. With modern technology, designers are choosing to incorporate marble in more spaces around your home. The above list goes on with marble clocks, marble coasters, marble trays and plates, marble patterned curtains, marble office desks, marble planters, and more.

Find a designer who loves marble as much as you do and can do real justice to this stone around your home décor. Décor Luxury Stones are trusted marble suppliers in India who can deliver on promise of high quality marble stones for your home.