Kitchen Countertop Buying Guide from Leading Laminate Stone Suppliers in India

Laminates – The Better Choice for your Kitchen Countertops over Natural Stone


When it comes to kitchen countertops, most homeowners limit themselves to just one or two choices. They don’t look beyond granite or marble. As the leading laminate stone suppliers in India, today we introduce you to another excellent material for kitchen countertops – laminates! Yes, laminates are the better and cost-effective option for kitchen counters.

Continue reading to find out why laminates are considered the better choice for kitchens.

Laminate or Natural Stone? Which should I choose for kitchen counters?


When it comes to kitchen counters, the most popular choices are granite, marble and quartz. While natural stones like granite and marble and engineered stones like quartz have their advantages, they also have their drawbacks. They are difficult to install, expensive and require high maintenance.

This is where, laminates come into the picture. Laminate is a budget-friendly countertop that offers an array of benefits. Premium laminate products as offered by Décor Luxury Stones provide a stylish, practical and high-performance product for your kitchen, making them an excellent alternative to natural stone.

In this guide, we compare the top features of laminates and natural stones and help you evaluate which is the best choice for your kitchen countertop.

1. Aesthetics

Everyone loves to have a beautiful kitchen – that feels warm and welcoming. While natural stones look good, they are limited in the colours and patterns. Laminates, on the other hand, are a manmade material available in an assortment of colours, designs and patterns. So, irrespective of your kitchen style, you can find a laminate counter that matches your design preferences.

Thanks to the advances in laminate printing technology, today laminates can mimic the aesthetic of other popular materials like natural stone and wood. Yes, you can have a laminate counter that looks just like a hardwood kitchen counter. How cool is that? If you have always dreamt of a dreamy farmhouse style kitchen in wood, but worried about the difficulties of maintaining wood, then you can go for premium wooden-style laminates.

Not just wood, our laminate collection also has patterns that resemble other materials like natural stones. So, you can now have a beautiful kitchen without spending tens of thousands of rupees on expensive materials like granite, marble or wood.

2. Textures

The beauty of laminates is that you can choose from a variety of textures to complement your décor. At Décor Luxury Stones, we have laminates in a variety of textures like matte, glossy, soft, extra soft, roche and many more. You can choose your preferred texture to create a realistic replication of other materials like wood and stone.

3. Performance

There is a myth that laminates are not sturdy and durable. Contrary to popular belief, laminates are extremely durable and you don’t have to compromise on the performance of your countertop just because you chose a budget-friendly option.

At Décor Luxury Stones, all our laminate products are manufactured using high-quality materials and are designed to global standards. They can withstand the stresses of daily usage without warping, bending or showing other signs of wear and tear.

Our laminate worktops are made using PUR (Polyurethane) non-degradable water-resistant seal, thereby providing you with maximum water resistance. Our laminates can withstand 3x more scratches, wears and scruffs compared to regular laminates, making them an excellent choice for kitchens that see frequent usage. They can withstand heat, wear, tear, moisture and impact.

4. Practical

The lower cost and ease of installation make laminate countertops the better choice for all kitchens. Additionally, laminate countertops are easy to maintain. You don’t have to spend on expensive cleaners and other special tools. Regularly wiping down your counters with a damp cloth and mild detergent is enough to keep them looking good for years to come.

Decor Luxury Stones – Your Go-to-Choice for Laminate Kitchen Countertops in India


Decor luxury stones offers premium laminates with a solid core. They are super easy to install and 100% waterproof, making them an excellent choice for kitchens. Besides kitchen counters, you can also use them for breakfast bars, end panels, coordinated shelving and cabinet framing.

If you are looking for premium kitchen counters without compromising on the performance, aesthetics and quality, then you cannot go wrong with laminate counters. Compared with natural stone, they are budget-friendly offering you a premium material without the hefty price tag.