Flooring Ideas From Leading Marble Suppliers In India

Marble Or Tiles? Which One Is The Better Option For My Home Flooring?


With the construction industry leveraging modern technology and machinery to deliver better quality flooring options, homeowners are often confused about which flooring to choose for their home. With marble and tiles coming from the same material source, the only difference is in the processing and finishing.

As the leading marble suppliers in India, we see our clients often having a hard time choosing between these two options. We find that choosing between the two is a question of personal preference, but if you want to know more about the similarities and differences between these two materials, read on.

Marble & Tiles - The Basics


Both marble and tiles have been used as a flooring option for eons. Though they both come with superior finish and versatility, they are basically different in their composition and creation process.

While marble is a naturally occurring stone, tile is man-made!

Marble is a naturally occurring metamorphic rock formed over billions of years as a result of the extreme heat and pressure caused by moving lava. Most marble comes from Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, France and China. Marble is usually a translucent/white color, but it also comes in a range of other hues and shades like black, red, yellow, pink and grey.

Tiles are made from ground up cement or concrete, and the finished product is then cut and crafted into the different shapes and sizes depending on the intended use. Tiles usually come in two-dimensional or three-dimensional shapes like squares, rectangles, hexagons, triangles, ovals and others.

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Marbles & Tiles As Flooring Options - Things To Look For



Durability is a primary deciding factor for flooring material. While marble and tiles offer similar levels of durability, the finishing and care required varies. Tiles are best suited for hard surfaces like kitchen counters, walls, shower and bath enclosures, and stairs. They are also easy to clean and maintain, and their small size makes them ideal for areas with limited space. On the other hand, marble is a premium material that is best used for flooring in high-traffic areas.

Final Finish And Aesthetics

While tiles are mainly used for their aesthetic value, marble is a preferred choice for those looking for a flooring option with superior durability. Marble won't wear away or fade away like tiles, which makes it a better choice for flooring.

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Care & Maintenance

Floors are prone to some heavy spilling and staining. But with proper care, floors can look and stay fresh for a long time. For tiles, you can use a mild abrasive cleaner once in a while to clean stains. For marble, use only a marble cleaner and a soft cloth to clean. For both types of floors, avoid scrubbing the floor as it will damage the finish. It is better to go for professional installation for both. Also ensure that the grouting is intact to avoid dust accumulation in the joints.

The Cost Factor

While marble and tiles both offer similar levels of durability and ease of maintenance, their cost of production varies. Marble is a premium material that is expensive to produce, and hence is more expensive than tiles. The cost of flooring also varies based on the size, shape and color. For example, a small square of marble flooring will cost much more than a small square of tile flooring. But of course, bigger the area, higher the cost. On the other hand, tiles are cheaper to produce than marble, which makes them a more affordable choice for many homeowners.

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Installation And Replacements

Marble floor installation is a bigger commitment and involves more time and labour. If you don't have the skills or tools required, hiring a professional can save you a lot of time and money. No doubt, it is a long-lasting and high-quality flooring option, however, it is a labour-intensive process, and requires more time and effort than installing tiles. Tiles too need professional installation services but are not that time consuming or labor intensive.

The Final Verdict

Both marble and tiles are a wonderful flooring option. Depending on your requirement and space, you can choose from a variety of options in both the materials. While marble is a premium material, it is a long-lasting flooring option. On the other hand, tiles are a budget-friendly and easy to maintain flooring option.

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