Buying A Copper Tub - Top Copper Bathtub Manufacturers From India

Here are some tips & tricks to keep in mind while shopping for a copper bathtub for your home.


Here are some tips & tricks to keep in mind while shopping for a copper bathtub for your home. Décor Luxury Stone, India’s leading copper bathtub and copper sink manufacturers, brings you this handy guide.

Copper bathtubs can transform your bathroom into a classic space. Copper bathtubs can beautify your bathroom and create an environment of relaxation. Even in the modern world where bathroom designs have become more and more sophisticated, a copper bathtub looks stunning, and it is truly a gorgeous and a comfortable accessory for your bathing space.

Choosing a new copper bathtub requires some research and shopping around. You can find a vast array of bathtub designs from Decor Luxury Stone, the best copper bathtub manufacturers from India, that are a great addition to any bathroom. Give a chic and classy look to your bathing space with our high quality copper bathtubs that come in different shapes, sizes & finishes.

We have put together this simple guide to help you select the best copper bathtub for your home.

1. Check The Copper Quality & Gauge Used

Copper bathtubs are made from natural materials and are a sustainable alternative for porcelain or ceramic tubs. It has a beautiful golden color, and is hard to scratch.

Ask for the purity of copper used. Generally, in comparison to other materials, a proportion of 97% copper or higher is considered ideal to forge a good quality copper bathtub.

Next aspect is the gauge used; copper gauge of 14-16 is considered ideal. Gauge is the strength of the material used. Thinner gauge means more copper has been compressed and beaten up so it means more strength. Thicker gauge is not good and they may crack or break in the long run. So find a copper bathtub in the gauge range of 14-16; something a few points lower is also good.

Décor Luxury Stone is reputed copper bathtub manufacturer from India and our bathtubs are forged with high quality copper to give you the best product for your home.

2. Seams On Your Copper Bathtub

Seams add a rustic beauty to your copper bathtubs. They also indicate the strength of your bathtub. Seams are generally of two types; welded and soldered. Go for welded seams as they are more durable. They don’t crack or break easily compared to soldered seams. Another advantage of welded copper tubs is that the joints are less noticeable when the tub is young and barely visible once it has aged.

Browse through our catalog of beautiful copper bathtubs and find one that suits your home. We are leading copper bathtub manufacturers from India and assure you the highest quality copper bathtub.

Shape & Size Of The Copper Bathtub

Aside from the material quality and cost, one must consider the shape and size of the copper bathtub that is appropriate for their bathroom. Some of the most popular copper bathtub styles and sizes are as follows:

Copper Freestanding Tub - The freestanding double ended tub is rounded on both sides, allowing the user to sit on either side. If the tubs are large enough, two persons may be able to sit in them at the same time. Drains are often placed in the center to allow this choice.

Copper Clawfoot Tub - A freestanding copper clawfoot tub has a very traditional appearance. As the name implies, the legs of the copper tub are raised and include a claw-shaped foot.

Hammered Copper Tub - The finish of the tub is referred to as "hammered copper tub." Hammered is a rough finish that is achieved by striking the surface with a hammer to create indentations of varying sizes. When a tub is not hammered, a smooth finish is normal.

Copper Japanese Soaking Tub - Copper Japanese soaking tubs are usually rectangular or oval in shape and quite large. They are not typically huge; rather, they are smaller and deeper in order to create a larger footprint.

Copper Soaking Tub - A copper soaking tub is typically smaller and deeper in order to provide more water volume while taking up minimal space in the bathroom. This enables you to sit up and the water to reach above the user's shoulders, thereby soaking the full body.

Copper Drop In Tub - A copper drop in tub is built within a frame known as the 'surround.' This is usually tiled or part of a larger unit. The surround serves as a storage area for soaps, candles, plants, and other materials needed for the perfect relaxing bath. Drop in tubs are usually built out in the open, but they can also be installed in a bathroom alcove.


Copper bathtubs are extremely expensive, and they are frequently created to order due to the demand-supply gap, greater quality, lifespan, and corrosion resistant qualities. Customers may have to wait for several days for delivery. Decor Luxury Stone is one of India's largest copper bathtub manufacturers and can design, forge, and delivery your copper bathtub in record time.

Copper bathtubs are popular for a variety of reasons, including their attractive aesthetic and health benefits. They are not only beautiful and functional, but they are also extremely strong and difficult to damage, allowing them to last for centuries. For years, Décor Luxury Stoner has been the most sought after copper bathtub manufacturers from India, designing and creating stunning copper bathtubs for many houses.

Our copper baths, handcrafted by professional craftsmen, give a touch of beauty and luxury to every bathroom. Contact our expert team today to find a great copper bathtub for your beautiful home at the best pricing!