Insights About Marble Flooring From The Best Marble Tile Suppliers In India

Are You Going For Marble Flooring For Your Home? Learn The Pros & Cons Of Using This Stone Tile


Marbles are a beauty in themselves; The vibrant colors, robust patterns, and the elegance it adds to your space, makes marble the most preferred natural stone for home interior as well as exterior designing. Marble has been used for construction ever since the ancient Grecian times and many of the marble facades and structures are still intact, showing great craftsmanship of the sculptors and the durability of this stone.

How good is marble flooring for your home? Though they make your home look classy, is it worth the cost and installation hassles that it comes with? What are the factors one needs to weigh in before deciding to go with marble flooring for their home? Who better than the leading marble tile suppliers in India to give you the pros and cons of choosing marble flooring for your home. Read on and by the end you will have made a decision –

Pros Of Marble Flooring

1. Comes From Natural Material


Marble is mined in mountainous areas all over the world. It's a type of metamorphic rock that forms naturally as a result of heat and pressure. Marble usually has wavy and/or veined patterns as a result of this. Marble is a natural product that comes from the soil. If you are an environmentally conscious person looking for green alternatives to synthetics, natural marble stones are the best choice. And when you shop with the best marble tile suppliers in India like Décor Luxury Stone, you are assured of high quality authentic natural stones.

2. Enhances The Style Quotient Of Your Space


Marble exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication. It gives the impression of a place being more refined and trendy. You may be surprised to learn that no two marble tiles are same. Natural stone is beautiful in this way. Because of the nature of marble stone, you will have a one-of-a-kind home decor.

3. Polished Marble Reflect Natural Light Making Your Space Naturally Bright


Polished marble is incredibly smooth and polished, and it has an extremely enticing effect. It reflects light and gives the appearance of being translucent. Marble's colors are additionally enhanced by a polished surface. While darker marbles allow light to glisten on their surface, creating a dramatic and exquisite impression, lighter marble stones have a cleaner and more refined appearance that will last for years. The sales team at Décor Luxury Stone, top notch marble tile suppliers in India, will be able to suggest you the right marble surface type to go with your overall home interior style.

4. Maintenance

A simple sweep and mop is all the routine maintenance you need on marble flooring. However, make sure you only use marble-safe cleaners. You may also need to reseal your stone on a regular basis, which is quick and simple. The extra effort is well worth the stunning elegance you will have in your home for years to come.

5. Radiant Heat

If you want radiant heat on your floors, marble is a great option. Marble is an excellent heat conductor, making it appropriate for homes in cold climates. Underfoot, marble is notoriously cold. However, marble, like other hard flooring materials, provides an excellent foundation for radiant floor heating systems, which use hydronic tubing or electrical wiring to connect to the underlayment. This can transform a frigid flooring material into one that is quite cozy.

Cons Of Marble Flooring

1. Tricky To Install

The installation of marble tile is more challenging than that of porcelain tile. Because some marble is brittle or requires epoxy mortar to install, you should consult an expert if you aren't familiar with the process. It's also critical to prepare the subfloor properly. So it is advisable to go with professionals like Décor Luxury Stone, high quality marble tile suppliers in India, who can help you get the best marble for your home décor.

2. Expensive

Marble tiles are more expensive than porcelain or ceramic tiles in general. However, there are many different types of marble tiles on the market, so you should be able to choose one that matches your taste and budget. The final advantage of marble flooring is that you will have a one-of-a-kind and stunning project that will be far less mainstream than many ceramic tiles. Marble has a classic look to it which can’t be beaten.

3. Repair & Replacement

Marble is softer than manufactured tiles like porcelain or ceramic tiles since it is a natural stone. As a result, they are easily scratched or cracked, necessitating expensive replacement. Homeowners should acquire a few additional boxes of marble tiles at the time of purchase, according to styling experts, so that they can replace damaged tiles with the identical tile. Because each piece is one-of-a-kind, you might not be able to find the same pattern, color, or vein twice.

Though marble is prone to scratches, cracks, and chipping, it can be resurfaced and re-polished numerous times to restore its original appearance, however excessive polishing can make the imperfections more noticeable. Another disadvantage of marble is that it is porous and quickly stains. When it comes into contact with severe chemicals, it leaves a stain that could last a long time. You can cover the surface right after installation to protect it, but after the sealant wears off, your marble is exposed to stains and scratches. As a result, the sealant must be reapplied annually or as needed.

Marble is versatile – there is no refuting that fact! It adds a touch of class and elegance to whichever space it is installed in. But like any other construction element, marble too has its own advantage and disadvantage. When you choose reputed marble tile suppliers in India, like Décor Luxury Stone, we are able to work with you in understanding your home décor needs and suggest you the best marble flooring type to suit your design thought and budget. Call us today, email us or message us on Whatsapp to get started on designing your dream home!