Wooden Wall Panels for Interiors

Wooden Wall Panels for Interiors


6 Surprising Benefits of Adding Wooden Panels to your Walls

Wooden wall panels are a great way to spruce up your interiors. They add a cute little charm to your walls, making them look sophisticated and regal. Wooden wall panels have been used to line interior walls for centuries. Besides the aesthetic appeal, wooden wall panels offer other incredible benefits as well.

If you’re confused whether you should wood your wall, allow us to highlight the benefits of wooden wall panels. Check out the benefits and decide if wooden wall panels are the right choice for your home.

#1: Durability

There’s a common myth that wooden wall panels are difficult to maintain and are susceptible to pest attacks. However, the truth is that wooden wall panels can last for years with the right maintenance. By using the right varnishes, paint and sealants, you can keep the wooden wall panels looking good for at least a decade or more.

#2: Easy Installation

Wood panels are available in a variety of styles and are quite easy to install. To give an example, tongue-and-groove panels can be interlocked together to form a strong and invisible seam. Another example, is the V-joint that also interlocks for easy installation.

Here are some of the common types of wooden wall panel installations:



In this style, the panels are laid horizontally. It has got its name since the panels overlap. This style includes grooved boards (rabbets) that fit together nicely creating a weather-proof seal. It’s mostly used in cottage and rustic interior decorative styles. It creates a warm and inviting texture.

Tongue and Groove


It’s similar to shiplap but offers a cleaner and sharper look. The only difference between these two installation styles is the manner in which the two wooden panels connect. In this style, the tongue of one panel connects with the groove of the other, giving the appearance of two boards overlapping.

Reclaimed Wooden Panel


Using reclaimed wooden wall panels can add textural depth to your space. It’s one-of-a-kind look that make your walls stand out.

#3: Adds to the Aesthetic Appeal of your Home

This is one of the biggest reasons why homeowners and interior decorators love wood. Wooden panels are timeless and never go out of style. Adding wood to your interiors makes the place look rich and elegant. It makes your home feel warm and inviting. When paired with the right furniture and furnishings, wood creates a soft and welcoming ambience. So, if you’re looking for a timeless interior trend that is classy and elegant, you cannot go wrong with wood wall panels.

#4: Versatility

Wood is a versatile material that suits all temperatures. It acts as a coolant in hot climates and an insulator when the temperature drops down. This keeps the room warm during winter and cool during summer. Besides thermal insulation, wood also offers acoustic insulation keeping your home noise-free.

#5: Suits a Variety of Budgets

The one common criticism of wood panels is that they are expensive. But, that isn’t the case. Wood panels are available in a variety of styles and materials. You can find a wooden panel that fits your budget. Traditional wood like teak, mango wood are costly. On the other hand, decorative wood panels like wood veneers display the natural beauty of wood, but for a fraction of the cost.

#6: Wood is Eco-friendly

Wooden wall panels are all natural and are bio-degradable. If you’re looking to get green certification for your buildings, then using natural materials like wood is the way to go. Wood has a smaller carbon footprint when compared to other materials like plastics, steel, cement and aluminium that go through multiple stages of processing and development.

Wooden wall panels are perfect for both traditional and contemporary interior styles. Whether you’re using wood for residential buildings or commercial constructions, make sure that you maintain your wall panels correctly, so that they last for years to come.

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