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3D Textured Stone Wallpapers for your Home


10 Stunning Wallpaper Ideas to Add the Wow Factor to Your Home

Natural stone is a stunning choice to cover your interior walls. However, though elegant and sophisticated, it is expensive and comes with high maintenance. This is where – 3D stone textured wallpapers come into the picture.

Thanks to new printing technologies, today, wallpaper designs have really moved to the next level in home décor. 3D textured faux stone wallpapers are a popular interior decorating trend that is currently doing the rounds. Rich in texture, and vibrant in colour – 3D wallpapers can be used to transform an entire wall or even a whole room.

When choosing 3D stone wallpapers, you need to pay attention to the colours you want. While natural stone is available in a limited range of shades, stone wallpapers are available in an astounding array of colours ranging from pristine whites to dark greys and more.

As the leading 3D stone wallpaper suppliers in India, we have a vast range of designs, colours and textures to suit all interiors – both residential and commercial. Here, in this guide, we present to you 10 3D stone wallpapers that add to the WoW factor of your interiors.

1. Pearl White Sandstone


If you're looking to add a contemporary feel to your interiors, then the Pearl White Sandstone is the right choice. It has a realistic flair to it and adds a unique texture to your home. This wallpaper has white hues, and the rough surface makes it feel just like stone walls.

2. Autumn Beige

This wallpaper reminds one of the cheery summers filled with golden sunshine. It's the perfect choice if you're looking to add a touch of personality to your walls. It's ideal for living rooms, and the neutral colour palette will match any interior styles. It's bound to look brilliant for all rooms.


3. Autumn Rustic


If you appreciate rustic designs, then this wallpaper is the perfect choice for you. The distressed colour palette makes your interiors look eye-catching and visually appealing. The grunge effect goes well with all accessories, especially vintage and retro furniture. The rustic design is ideal for bedrooms and kitchens if you're a huge fan of unconventional décor choices.

4. Copper Quartz

This is a refreshing design that is perfect for all interiors. The crisp, brown shades of the copper emphasize the stunning details on your walls. We highly recommend using this wallpaper on kitchens, as the natural brown finish goes well with the warm shades of kitchens.

The best part of our 3D stone wallpapers is that they are fully removable and can be applied to all walls. Easy to use and remove, you can change your interior styles in a jiffy.


5. Silver Quartz


This wallpaper adds mystery and depth to your interiors. The beautiful stone design looks just like real quartz, adding a layer of texture to your walls. The dark shades should go well with all contemporary designs and colour palettes. The subtle use of shades mimics an optical illusion, adding new dimensions to your room.

Besides the artistic appeal, our wallpapers are very easy to install. They come with self-adhesive and can easily be secured on all walls. Designed for ease of use and longevity, our 3D stone wallpapers add stone-like surfaces to your home for a fraction of the cost of the original stone.

6. Rainbow Sandstone

This is a brilliantly done 3D stone wallpaper, adding an eclectic urban design to your interiors. The cheery shades are like a ray of sunshine in your rooms, making you feel right at home. This wallpaper complements all rooms, including corridors, bedrooms, kitchens, dining rooms, and living rooms. This is a versatile wallpaper that is sure to impress all.


7. Mystic Quartz


This 3D wallpaper is a refreshing take on quartz wallpapers. It's visually striking and reflects your artistic tastes, adding texture and depth to your walls. If you're looking to imbibe your rooms with character and personality, then you cannot go wrong with this choice.

3D stone wallpapers complement all the colourful elements in your home, highlighting your furnishings and other design choices. With wallpaper, you can use different styles for various rooms in your home, reflecting the personality of the occupant of each room.

8. Multicolour

This is another brilliant wallpaper that flaunts an array of colours, adding the relaxing effects of natural stones to your interiors. This luxurious design can serve as the perfect backdrop for a home that comprises modern décor and minimal colours.

Unlike paints that may contain harmful chemicals like lead, wallpapers are an eco-friendly choice. They are non-toxic, making them ideal for all homes.


9. Green Quartz


Add a classic and rugged tone to your interiors with this vibrant wallpaper. The industrial look has a naturally aged texture that complements all interior styles. It’s an ideal match for homes that have an earth-toned décor and wooden furnishings. This wallpaper helps you create a cozy atmosphere in your bedroom, study, or living room.

Our 3D stone wallpapers are available in various sizes. If you are not sure about the correct size required for your home, get in touch with our friendly customer service team. Our wallpapers are non-flammable, anti-bacterial, UV-resistant, making them the safest choice for your homes.

10. Desert Black

If you're looking for a different choice of wallpaper to spruce up your interiors, then this wallpaper will perfectly fit you. It adds the beauty of exposed stone to your interiors. However, this wallpaper is ideal for big rooms with roomy interiors.

Our wallpapers are fully waterproof. If it gets dirty, you can simply wipe away the smudges and dust with a moist towel. Water doesn't damage the material, nor does it fade the ink.


We hope you find inspiration in our collection of stunning 3D textured wallpapers for your home. If you’re looking for more styles and colours, explore our store and get in touch with our team for a free catalogue.