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How We Upgraded Our Natural Stone Business?

Each day something is changing around the world. Like moving from the pen to mouse, paper to iPad, letters to mail, cash to mobile payment apps, files to the hard disk, and much more. Adapting to this change is crucial for moving forward. Here at Décor Luxury Stones, we have upgraded our business.

In 2019 we decided to make a few changes to our stone veneer selling, to make it more modern and offer a better experience for our customers. We decided on a few things that we want to get upgraded this year.

Here, in this guide, we share with you our dear customers what has changed around here.

1. Interaction with Customers


Our customers are our strength; their suggestions always make sure we are a step ahead in business. Blessed with customers from all across the country and the globe, we are able to improve our business. We recently added an application column in our website to make sure our customers get a clear idea about what they are purchasing and the many possible uses of our natural stone slabs and other stone products. It was made after suggestions by a few of our customers.

Here are some of the strategies we used to interact with our customers.

  • Contact the customer through a mail or phone call: we made sure to get in touch with the customer after purchase to find out whether they faced any troubles and ask for their suggestions and feedback.
  • Customer survey: we prepared a customer survey to get to know our customers and their preferences better.
  • Social Reach: we made sure we are available in all popular social platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram.

2. Strategies and Objectives


Being strategic in our business is important to outshine among competitors. At the beginning of the year, we conducted a meeting with our employees and set the objectives for the year. The objectives were aligned with our company’s goals. We made sure to print out short versions of our objectives for this year and pinned it on our bulletin boards and hallways. It is kept somewhere everyone can see.

We also made sure that we make every action to create the business we want and not the business that happens automatically. We carefully visualized the business in our mind and made strategic plans according to it. We made sure that Décor Luxury stones are able to supply customers with international quality products.

3. Stand out from the Crowd


Standing out in the crowd is important to make sure that people notice us. Our foremost motto was making sure that we are unique in stone veneers business. With over three decades of experience, we were able to understand the pulse of customers. We made sure we make a few changes to keep up with the times and also improve to make ourselves unique.

This year we made sure we have unparalleled customer support, innovative solutions, competitive pricing, quick turnaround times, and a wide stock of premium products. We also made sure that our customers have access to the best stone veneer products in India.

The source of our product is from the best Indian quarries. With over 300 plus designs, we are able to provide the customers with a wide choice to choose from. We also have over 100 dealers from all over the world, making us one of the popular natural stone suppliers in India.

Our team of stone experts includes interior designers, engineers, and expert craftsmen, who work together to provide you with the perfect solutions to create a final product that is as unique as you.

4. Adapting new technology


Technology has indeed made life easy, but the only trouble is we have to learn them and incorporate them into daily life. Introducing new technology to the business is crucial to make development and attract the next generation of customers. To make sure the new technology is in common practice, we have taken two steps:

  • Learn new technology: We have updated our site to give it a modern, contemporary look. We also have made changes in the background (SEO and more). We made it a point to update our blog regularly with the latest information for our customers, and we have successfully managed to do so.
  • Encourage staff to upgrade a skill: When staff masters the skill, the task becomes easier for the customer, as they will interact with more customers. So in Décor luxury stone, we make sure that our team is completely aware of the new technology introduced.

5. Started a newsletter


We have started a digital newsletter. For further contact, we always collect the contact details like email, phone number, and address of our customers. Writing a handwritten letter about our new offers, designs are not practical. It is more time consuming and difficult to reach our global customers. Also, we thought the using paper is not eco-friendly. So we came up with the idea of email.

Email is the best means of communication to reach large people, and we save paper. We send emails regarding the new developments in brand to customers to contact us for further needs. We have a good email marketing program to help us through it.

6. Automating the process


Keeping up with the times, we have embraced automation. We are making sure that accounting, invoicing, and payments are becoming more computerized and easier. We are making sure the online payments made are secure. We linked ourselves with trusted banking partners to make sure no trouble is caused.

7. Hiring young people


Giving opportunities for young people has shown a drastic change in the development of stone veneer selling in the last few years. That doesn’t mean we have chucked out our experienced members.

Instead, we have made a conscious effort to include freshers in our team. This way, people from different generations get to work together and share their inputs, offering best and interesting ideas for growth.

Getting ahead with your business strategies is important to survive in this competitive world. We made sure we are in the race. With all these changes, we make sure that we go the extra mile to deliver our customers with the best value.
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